Next time it pops, I’ll stop! I swear!

In April, I went into Kohl’s and found this cute running outfit.  It was with the Kohl’s Cares items- so I bought shorts and a new shirt.  I put them on the next day, keyed up my Chris Tomlin on the iPod, and started running.

Pretty quickly into my run, I heard a pop in my ankle.  I slowed down for a minute, but it didn’t hurt, so I kept on running (hey, I was looking cute and on a roll! Lol!). I ran a full 3 miles that day!

BIG mistake!  That night I was icing most of my leg, it ached sooooooo bad! I iced for the next few days and limped around after my daughter.  It was clear I did something bad to it, but I thought I could just let it rest and after a few weeks I could run again.

So I rested it- and by rested, I mean I didn’t run.  But it’s hard to really “rest” something when you have a 3 year old to chase after!

I tried to run a few times alongside my daughter while she rode her bike, but I just couldn’t get through a run very successfully without pain during and pain after.  So I finally went to my doctor for my yearly physical and told her- she said to rest it more, then let her know if it didn’t get better.

It didn’t get better.

So I finally called again and asked for an x-ray.  Which came back normal.  So they sent me to an orthopedic doctor who asked for an MRI.

That’s how I started my day today.  Well, first I woke up at 4:45am with my daughter, then dropped her off at my BFF’s house- and then realized I forgot the order from the doctor and had to run home and dig through my pile of random papers (everyone has a stack of those, right?).

So then I got my MRI and let me tell you it was a relaxing experience for me! Lol!  I got to lay there, not moving, for over 30 minutes!  I shut my eyes and just enjoyed the quiet- well, it wasn’t quiet, but it was a different kind of quiet for me.

So now I wait for the results and what the doctor decides I will do to solve this problem.  Meanwhile, my foot aches!  And it throbs!  And I can’t wear my flats because they aren’t supportive!

I am bummed that I don’t get to run the Turkey Trot with my husband, but maybe I’ll be able to run a Jingle Bell Run in December with him. We have never run a race together before, but I think it would be fun!  He is much faster than me, but maybe he would slow his pace for me, lol!

So, moral of the story: just because you look cute, doesn’t mean you should keep running after a pop! (my new outfit was pink, does that make it better?)

Have you ever had an injury that kept you from doing your sport of choice?  Share your story with me!


4 thoughts on “Next time it pops, I’ll stop! I swear!

  1. Reina says:

    I recently fell off my bike and landed knee-first into the curb. It was really swollen all day but I iced it and tried to stay off of it (which was hard since this was on Thanksgiving and I was the hostess). Now there is no swelling, no fluid around the knee but still hurts. I’m attempting to go for a short easy run today…is that a completely stupid thing to do? I hate these questions!


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