The results are in…

Have you ever gone to the doctor over and over and been told there is nothing wrong with you?  Frustrating, right?  I used to go to the doctor for migraines, and they would tell me it was the stress in my life and if I got rid of that, I would be rid of the migraines.  Ok, so yes, stress can cause a headache, but this was something else.  It was peanut butter.  Yeah, it sucked!

Another time I went for some cuts I had on my ankles due to a creek walk.  The cuts seemed to be getting bigger and the doctor just kept saying to put tons of neosporin on and cover them with bandages.  So I looked like a fool with these big nasty bandages around my ankles in the middle of May, and it was still getting worse.  Finally, the doctor sent me to a dermatologist who took one look at me, wiped off all the neosporin and told me to NEVER use it on myself again because I’m allergic to it.  Fantastic.  I’m a freak of nature.

Last year, I was going to the doctor a lot because I kept throwing up!  And I had horrible heartburn- well, it was under my ribs, so I guess it wasn’t heartburn, but that was what I thought it was.  The doctor kept saying that I had the flu or food poisoning.  But Annabelle and I eat the same thing all the time and she wasn’t sick.  And she wasn’t catching the flu from me.  Finally, a nurse practitioner asked me if I had a gall bladder still.  Bingo! Gall bladder gone = vomiting gone!

I went to a doctor for 2 years for infertility.  Did all kinds of tests and took way too many fertility drugs.  They couldn’t find a SOLID reason why it wasn’t happening.  Then I started seeing a chiropractor, went off the drugs and BAM I was pregnant!

All of these examples are to say that I have a history of doctors saying nothing is wrong, and then FINALLY finding a solution.  I don’t blame the doctors, I think I am really a weirdo. I actually bought a shirt in Colorado that says “Freak of nature”.  I mean, really, who is allergic to neosporin?

So when I went to the podiatrist today, I was actually hoping that I had a tear or fracture or something that is “easy” to fix with a boot and some crutches.  And that wasn’t the case.  He said the MRI looked clear.  Ugh!!!!  This is how it went:

Dr: So the good news is that the MRI was clear

Me: Of course it was!

He did say there was some density in the MRI that shouldn’t be there, so he offered me a cortisone shot to help break it up and help it heal.  I said shoot it up, I want to be able to walk without pain.  It hurts when I’m just sitting, not just when there is weight on it, so I am ready for the pain to go away.

So Annabelle watched, fascinated, as they shot cortisone into my ankle.  He told me I should take it easy tonight, but that I could do whatever I want tomorrow.

Me: Can I run?

Dr: How about we give it 5 days before you try that?

Me: Ok 😦

So…I’m sitting here typing with ice on my foot.  I asked on Facebook about icing after a shot and was told ok to ice, just alternate with heat.  So I’m moving on to heat next and I hope that helps because I am in a wee bit of pain right now and just want to FEEL BETTER!!!!

And…t minus 5 days until I lace up my running shoes and give it a try!


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