Check out Pony Royale! We LOVE them!

We went to the Chicago Toy and Game Fair today and the first toy we came upon was this awesome pony!

Pony Royale Princess Sunburst Pony$14.99

Of course my daughter LOVED these ponies so we were excited to find one in our goody bag when we left the fair!  It will be a gift for her for Christmas, but now I want to look for accessories and other ponies!  They have fashion packs with accessories to decorate your pony!

One of the best things about these ponies, is that she can dress and undress them herself! She has a hard time getting clothes and accessories back on her other dolls that she has but these are easy for her little fingers! She was excited that she could brush the hair and also change the hair, saddle and skirt.  She could have stayed at this booth the whole time we were there to play with the ponies!

You can check out a 60 second video about Pony Royale on the website here.

This post may contain affiliate links. I was given a Pony Royale in a goody bag for attending an event as a blogger. The opinions expressed are my own and I was not compensated for this review.


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