10K Here I come!

I started running again last week!  Yeah!  I went to Dick’s Sporting Goods while my daughter was at school and picked up some new sneakers, thanks to Cordavia who helped me immensly!  Well, he couldn’t find any pink sneakers in my size, but…lol!  I seriously said to him “I’m a sucker for pink shoes” and he laughed!  Someday I will have pink shoes!

I ended up getting a pair of asics and I LOVE them. (Even though they aren’t pink.  Maybe I could paint them?  Lol!) I went running on Tuesday last week and ran a mile.  It felt good!  So the next day I went and ran 2 miles, lol!  That was pushing it a little bit.  While my ankle does not hurt like it did (thank you cortisone!), it still feels weak and like I need to build it back up.

Since I have a nice new fancy iPhone, I found an app to track my running and pick a training plan.  I decided to shoot bigger than I’m used to and go for a 10K.  My husband was laughing at me tonight saying 10K…then half marathon…lol!  Let’s just start with a 10K and go from there.  The only problem is that the app can’t find me when I am indoors because it is GPS enabled.  So I just have to keep track of my laps myself and then enter my distance so I know how far I ran.  Or find a new app that can somehow track, or maybe a watch- do you have something you use that works indoors?

I found a friend to train with too!  And she has an app on her phone that has us scheduled to run a 10K in 10 weeks.  But we have decided to do the St. Patty’s Day Race in Chicago on April 7, even though it’s only 8K.  I think it will be fun to do such a big race!  And I love attending races in Chicago, so now I can run one!

Tell me, what color are your running shoes?

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