Busy Weekend!

I had a bit of a busy weekend, how about you?  On Saturday we cleaned A LOT!  We need to make room for Santa’s presents in the toy room, so we were going through and taking out the more “baby” toys that Annabelle has.  These are things she no longer plays with that we will keep in case we have another child.

The room looked good when we were done and it’s mostly stayed that way, lol!  She is always playing with a ton of little toys in her doll houses, so they get scattered!

Today we went to church, then Annabelle went to a babysitter so my husband and I could go out to lunch.  Date day!  Yeah!  I love these!  Afterwards I went to pick her up and stayed at the event Annabelle was at so she could see Santa and finish her crafts and cookie decorating.  We have some great babysitters!

Here we are with Santa:

What did you do this weekend?



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