I LOVE to run outdoors!

I have gotten some good running in here in Florida!  It’s so nice to run outside! My in-laws live in a quiet neighborhood that have 2 loops I can choose from, a 1.5 mile and a 2 mile.  I did 2 of each loop while here and it was so nice!  I have been using the Nike app on my phone so it keeps track of how far I ran and even posts the map of my run on Facebook!  I’m going to try to figure out how to hook it up to this Facebook page so you can see when I run.

I picked up some great running gear on clearance on the day after Christmas!  I will take some pictures and post them so you can see my cute new outfits.  My husband laughs at my NEED to have cute running clothes, but the better I look, the better I run- I’m convinced!

I ended up getting new sneakers again right before we left town for the holiays.  The ones I picked up before were not working out for me, they were hurting my feet, so I went to Rogan’s and talked to Chuck, the man everyone says you need to go see when you need new shoes- they were right!  He was very good at explaining things to me and finding a pair of sneakers that I LOVE!  AND they are pink!  Check them out:


ASICS Women’s Gel-Phoenix 4 Running Shoe

I LOVE them!  And I have had several painless runs in them so I am very happy!  My new outfit for running in the cold does NOT match, and I was bummed, but I need to be warm when I run outdoors, so I picked up pants and a shirt that matches, and they are black and yellow.  So I look like a bumble bee running with pink sneakers, lol!  My jacket is pink too, so when it’s really cold I only look like half of a bumblebee :-).

Imagine this shirt in yellow and black and this is pretty much what I am wearing when I run!

Do you try to find a certain color of clothes all the time?  I do tend to gravitate towards pink and purple a lot!

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One thought on “I LOVE to run outdoors!

  1. sina says:

    I have alot of blue because i shop clearance and the blues always make it too clearance so matching is easy. I can never find the right size in the color or styles i’d like, so blue it is.


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