Project: Gratitude Jar

My daughter and I got together today with friends to make a Gratitude Jar.  My friend shared the jar on Facebook and I suggested we make them together, so she hosted a potluck lunch project day and it turned out perfect!

My blank "canvas"

This is the jar I started with.  We bought it from Ikea years ago and it used to hold powdered sugar, but it got demoted to being in the basement so I thought I could recycle it back to life!

Such concentration

I gave my daughter this big plastic jug to use as her jar.  I figured it would be easier for her to paint on and to open and close.

The quote I painted on the jar (need to find the source to put on there)

I decided to paint my favorite quote on my jar.  It took me a LONG time, but I love it!

My flowers

I painted some flowers on the back, just something simple.

Amazed again at the flowers

I was concentrating so hard on my own jar, that I didn’t even look at my daughters until she was done.  I know she’s my kid and I’m supposed to be amazed by her, but I can’t believe my three year old painted these flowers! She definitely got the artistic genes from my mom and mother in law!

Writing out her first gratitude note

I told her that we made these jars so that we could write something down each week that we are grateful for or something good that happened to her and she drew a picture of her next to a Christmas tree with her Grandma.  It was really sweet!


She was very excited to put in her first paper, and she wrote a second one too!

This was a really fun activity and I am looking forward to keeping it up throughout the year.  It will be a lot of fun to look through them at the end of the year and remember all my blessings!  It’s easy to get to the end of something and see only the negative, and to think it can only get better, but this project will remind me of all the great things that happened!

Will you make one too?  Let me know when you put something in your jar, and I’ll update pictures of how full my jar is getting!

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