How do you keep your kids active?

I was watching The Biggest Loser tonight and I saw that they have some teenagers on the show this season.  I think that’s great!  I see things all the time about childhood obesity and I think this may encourage other kids!

Are you active with your kids? My daughter LOVES to run with me!  She doesn’t last very long seeing as she is half my height, but she has fun running around.  She likes to have races a lot too, especially with my husband! In the summer I would take her bike and she could ride while I ran, but she would tire quickly.  Maybe this year she will have more energy for continuous riding.  It was still fun, I would run a few yards then turn around and run back to her, then turn around again.  I did a lot of backwards running too, which is a challenge!

We also do a lot of jumping on the trampoline when it’s nice out.  We take turns picking what exercise we are doing next.

We try to stay as active as possible, but in the winter it is really hard to do that when we are stuck indoors.  She can run around the kitchen and playroom as it is a clear path and a pretty big loop, but usually she only wants to do this when I am cooking or moving around and in her way!  So I have this yoga dvd that I used to use for my Kindergarten class.  Halfway through the year, many of them didn’t want to rest but they needed something to help them unwind before we started the afternoon.  This worked out perfectly.  Those who wanted to participate would come to one side of the room where I had my computer set up and they would do the animal ABC yoga on their carpet squares.  I did get a few funny looks from people walking by the windows or other teachers who would come by, but I got right down there with them.  I believe that you can’t ask someone to do something that you aren’t willing to do yourself, so I always did it with them.

 How do you help your kids stay active in the winter?

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