Mani/Pedi with a 3 year old

My daughter and I are not feeling too well.  She is worse off than me, so I am thinking I am mostly exhausted from taking care of her.  She is very much a Mommy’s girl and want’s nothing to do with my husband when she is sick.  He tries, but she just cries if I am not around.  So it’s very draining for me!

She does not like to just sit still, but she does not have the energy to really play like she is used to.  So she keeps trying, then she has a little melt down when she can’t do what she wants because she doesn’t have the energy.  So between snuggling, I am trying to find low energy things to do.  Painting our nails seemed the perfect thing to do.  She usually wants to paint her own, but today she wanted to paint mine.  So I let her.  It’s not the first time I’ve let her, she’s been doing it for me for awhile.  It doesn’t look perfect, but she does a pretty good job for a 3 year old!

Did I mention that we have no nail polish remover in the house?  Lol!  Toes are easy to hide since it’s winter, but she wanted to do my fingers too.  I once went to the doctor after she painted my toes, and I was wearing flip flops.  She was talking to me and she looked down and then said “did your daughter paint your nails?”  And I said yes and she said “you’re a good mom.”  It kinda caught me off guard because it is such a simple thing for me to let her do, and it makes her happy, so it makes me happy too.

Right now she is laying next to me watching some Littlest Pet Shop videos on YouTube as she is drained from just the activity of painting our nails.  So here are a few photos from our mani/pedi session.



Do you let your kids paint your nails?


2 thoughts on “Mani/Pedi with a 3 year old

  1. Sina says:

    …and you let her go all out with bright colors, love it. What a great compliment from your doctor, must’ve been a highlight of your day and it’s very true Beth.


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