Make it Monday Challenge: Create your own game as a party favor

So my daughter’s turning 4 soon.  Well, in 5 months, but still, it’s not too early to start thinking about party plans, right?  Last year I did favor buckets for all the kids, I had won a House Party and combined it with her birthday and sent home the favors with all the kids, plus a few little things I added in there.

But normally, at a kids party, you get a lot of the same little toys, right?  So, lets come up with some ideas on games you can create with these items to be the party favor.

My daughter LOVES to come up with stories and make up games, so I’m going to enlist her help.  But I want to know your ideas too!  Using these products I’ve found, what game could you come up with as a party favor to a birthday party? Or what other kinds of items would you include.


2 Minute Plastic Sand Timer Colored Sand – 12 Pack $9.44 and qualifies for FREE Super Saver Shipping or ships FREE with Amazon Prime

tie dye bags

These cute Tie-Dyed Drawstring Bags are $10.50 for a dozen.  Since I have 5 months, I can watch for a sale or a free shipping offer from Oriental Trading Company.  Or I can try local stores like Party City to see if they have something comparable.  These would be the storage for this fun game you are thinking of, and if you are feeling extra crafty, you can get some fabric paint and personalize them!


These dice are also from Oriental Trading Company and there are 12 in the package for $4.25.

Pawns; 6 Colors – 24 Pawns per Set; no. KOP12101 $4.95 and eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping or ships FREE with Amazon Prime.


12 Assorted Cats (2.5-inch PVC) $4.20 and ships FREE as an add-on item (that means if you spend $25, these are added on and shipped free with your other items) My daughter LOVES cats, so she would love to come up with a game that involves cats.

Microsaurs Tiny Dinosaurs Figures – Lot of 20 $5.50 and ship FREE.  These look fun, not quite enough to do 2 in each bag if you do 12 bags, but if you buy a few little sets of different ones, you can make up for that.

Monkey Figures 25 Tiny Plastic Monkey Figures Party Favors $4.47 and FREE Shipping. These monkeys crack me up!

Ok, so what are your ideas? Tell me yours and then I’ll tell you what we come up with.  The idea would be to come up with the game, type up the rules and put all the pieces into the goody bags.  I choose the drawstring bags so that they aren’t easily destroyed and the kids have a place to keep all the pieces.  And they make for easy storage in a play room- hang a shelf with hooks and then you can hang the bag from there!  Maybe that will be next weeks project 🙂

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