Fruit Infuser Water Bottle- have you ever tried one?

When I’m having an especially hard run, it’s usually due to my not drinking enough water the day before or that day.  I am not good at making sure I drink enough water, but I feel like this water bottle would help.  Especially since I could put fruit in it and make it taste a little better!

water bottle

AdNArt Flavour It Glass Water Bottle with Fruit Infuser $16.00, normally $30!

I think I’ll order it soon and try it out!  Have you tried a bottle like this?  Or put any kind of fruit in your water?  I have put cucumber slices in my water and it does give it a different flavor, but lately I’ve wanted sweet and fruit is sweet! I have frozen strawberries and some mixed berries in the freezer, so I would try those out, or maybe throw in some kiwi with the strawberries!  Yum!

Looks like this item is out of stock at this time.  I will keep watching it, and maybe consider the pitcher instead. That would be good to have in the fridge so it’s always cold.  I love cold water!

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