Thank God for Friends and Technology!

My daughter and I were sick this week.  Miserably, horribly sick!  She started with a fever at school and it went downhill from there!  I didn’t take her to the doctor at the first sign of fever because if I called for every fever they would probably laugh at me!  But by Monday she was worse, so I called.  She tested positive for the respiratory flu and had an ear infection. It was horrible holding her for the Strep test and flu test. She was so mad and asked me all day why “that lady put that hard thing in my mouth?”


So we spent the next few days cooped up in the house, snuggled up in our soft pants, watching tv and sleeping.  She coughed, sniffled, threw up, sneezed and peed on me.  The joys of motherhood, right?

While she was laying on me I could be on the computer, attempting to blog, but mostly scrolling through Facebook and reading other blogs.  I was also in contact with friends through chat and text.  I had many offers of food or coffee, and a few dropped off some things- mostly on the porch with a message that it was there so we didn’t have to risk germ spreading.  It was so nice to have ginger ale, bananas, lunch, coffee, nasal spray and cupcakes delivered by friends.  We are so blessed with such great friends!  It really sucks to be stuck at home and feeling so yucky.  Yes, we had groceries, and yes my husband could pick things up on the way home from work- but 4:30 seems like it will never come when you are miserable!


One morning my daughter was up at 3:30 for the day!  That was rough!  I was having trouble sleeping myself because of her coughing and my stuffy nose, so the day was going to be a rough one- so a friend brought me a coffee and it was soooo nice!  And yes, I have a coffee pot, but I was out of 2 ingredients to make a REALLY GOOD coffee.

The last few days she has been pretty happy in the morning, for a little while anyways.  She would figure out pretty quickly that she didn’t have the energy she wanted to play.  Then we would have a meltdown.  But, for those few days, I could take a shower without her crying or begging me to hurry up.  Technology is my best friend in times like this.  She loves to talk on Skype.  I give her my iPad and now she is able to make the calls herself.  She told her Grandma this morning that she called her on her own  because there was a green light by her picture.  Lol!


So to get back to the title of this post, I thank God for friends and technology.  They helped make it through this sickness, and I’m very grateful that I have both.  I am grateful for my husband and all his help, that’s kind of a given in this situation, it’s the friends and technology that are things not everyone has, so that is why I am expressing my gratitude for them.

Have you helped a friend out when they have been sick?

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