How do you hydrate while running?

I don’t like to carry water when I run because it’s bulky to carry, but when I don’t have water, I keep thinking about how I would be feeling much better if I had a drink.  So I carry it, but am currently looking for some other way to carry it.  Right now, I carry one of my husbands bottles from his fuel belt.  I feel like I  would like a belt on to clip it on so I’m not carrying it the whole time, but I’m not sure if I would like the belt on.  Hmm…if I get one it has to have pink on it, so I’m looking at this one:

Fuelbelt R2Outdoor Revenge Hydration Belt

I’m worried a belt won’t stay on my hips and will move up onto my stomach and bother me.  I can try my husbands out and see, I just have to find it.  He doesn’t wear it very often.  I think it bothers him to have it on, but I am willing to give it a try.  If I like it, I’ll have to order this pretty one.

My other concern is getting the bottle open to take a drink.  His are incredibly hard to open- so much so that I have to stop running to open it and get a drink, then close it and run again.  These look a little different, and while I wouldn’t them opening so easily that they end up leaking, I do want something I can pop open with my teeth for a quick sip.

Do you  have something like this?  What works best for you?

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