Make it Monday: Homemade Coasters

My daughter LOVES to paint, so I try to find activities that are different that involve painting.  A friend had recently posted about making homemade coasters so I thought that would be perfect!

We headed out to Menard’s and picked up $0.11 tiles.  Then we got out all the paint and started working!


We already had the paints and the Mod Podge, so I put one of her plastic table covers on and opened up the paints!  I like to keep these table covers around for crafts like this so the table is protected.


She was very happy to be painting!


She worked so hard on the coasters!


Here are 4 of her finished projects.  She is done with her part. Now I will Mod Podge them once it’s warm enough to open a window for a little bit.  Then I will use the hot glue gun to glue felt to the bottom of the coasters so they don’t slip.  The bottoms are pretty sharp too, so the felt will make them not so sharp.

I love how she draws people, and the purple one is me because she gave it a belly.  One day I asked her why when she drew me I didn’t have a belly, so now every time she draws me, I have a belly, but no one else does! Lol!

These will be so cute on my coffee table!  And it would be a great gift idea for family!

Have you ever made homemade coasters?

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