My daughter won’t talk, and she won’t stop talking.

Yes, I know the title of this post is contradictory, but it’s my daughter!  She is the most talkative little girl I know!  (Yes, I know I’m probably biased.)  She loves to talk!  But she won’t talk to certain people- certain important people!

Let me tell you about the talking part first.  My daughter was born 2 weeks early so my husband was convinced she was behind in her speech because of this- but she was just being an observer and listener.  She was taking it all in and then all of a sudden she just started talking and hasn’t stopped!  Her speech amazes me-she comes up with words and makes up her own language!  When she gets a new baby she names it a bunch of sounds put together into a “word”, and then expects me to remember it- I usually don’t remember.  And when she says something I don’t understand I ask her what it means and she looks at me like I am crazy and tells me what it means in “my” language.  It’s kind of funny because she is all impatient with me about the whole thing!

Being that talkative, you would think she would get in trouble at school.  Nope.  She doesn’t talk.  Not a single word.  She actually misses out on seconds at snack time because she refuses to say “yes, please” when they ask if she wants more. The teacher was worried I would be upset that they did this, but I am not upset at all.  She needs to learn to use her words!  Now, they aren’t going to deny access to the bathroom if she won’t speak, but denying seconds of a snack is ok with me- they come home shortly after snack and we have lunch- and trust me, the kid EATS all day long anyways! Lol!

I do volunteer in her classroom and even when I am there, sitting right next to her, she hides her face with her hands and won’t speak.  This behavior baffles me!  She usually prefers adults over kids, but when there are other kids around, she won’t use her words with the adults.  She also doesn’t initiate play with other kids, and doesn’t talk to them. Well, there is one little girl she talks to because we had a play date with her outside of school.  Maybe if I invite her whole class over, lol!  That would be crazy!

When I ask her why she doesn’t talk, she tells me no one talks to her.  I try to tell her that she needs to talk to them too, but she just says no one likes her. I am a very social person and can make friends wherever I am, so this is a very odd behavior to me- she’s been around me almost constantly since birth and we are always on play dates or out and about!

I am glad she behaves in school, I just wish she would talk to her teachers!  She is so smart and they will never know that if she doesn’t use her words! And yes, biased again,  but sometimes this kid amazes me!  She comes up with these elaborate stories and games to play and I wonder where she gets all her imagination from!

Being a former teacher and guidance counselor, I should know how to help this situation!  But nothing I try is helping!  She is definitely an observer, and really spends time taking everything in before acting, so I am hoping that sometime soon she will be speaking to her teachers- and I hope it doesn’t go in the opposite direction and become a problem!

Have you experienced anything like this?  As a parent or a teacher?

Here’s a fun picture of her counting to put ME in time out:

putting mommy in time out


4 thoughts on “My daughter won’t talk, and she won’t stop talking.

  1. Darcy says:

    If she’s like my daughter (which I think they have some similarities) she finds it hard to talk to the other kids because their vocab and verbal skills are lower than hers. R rattles off sentences and they respond with one or two words.


    • frugalrunningmama says:

      I think you are right, she tends to stick with kids who speak like she does. She likes baby babies or older kids more than kids around her age or younger. Too bad we don’t live closer, they would probably get along well!


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