My Life- Summarized in a Locket

I’ve never been a big jewelry person.  I wear my wedding rings and then a ring on the other hand.  Every once in awhile I would throw on some earrings and a necklace, but usually only for special occasions.  Then I saw this locket pop up in my newsfeed on Facebook and I was intrigued.  My friend was having an Origami Owl Jewelry Bar Party and I was invited…only she lives in Virginia.  So I went to the site and looked at it all and fell in love!

So I had a party of  my own, and told my husband I wanted one, so he said I could pick one out for Christmas!  I also decided to get one for my mother in law.  I wanted to get them for everyone in my family, but I already had gifts for everyone else.

My party date came and my friends came over and everyone loved the products!  I think half the people there were buying gifts, and the other half were buying for themselves.  Since then, I have attended another party, and a friend of mine became a designer for Origami Owl, so I’ve added to my locket.  The whole premise behind the lockets, is to tell your story with it, so here is the story of my life- in a locket:


All of my jewelry is silver, so I chose a silver locket.

The back plate is optional, but I feel like I am very blessed in my life, so it is very appropriate.

The little girl represents Annabelle of course, and it has her birthstone in there.

The camera- well, let me just say that on Facebook, I’ve uploaded 25,368 photos and have 428 albums- so I usually have a camera in my hand.

The cross represents my faith.  I am very excited that I have found an amazing church family where I live.  It’s hard to find a new place to worship when you move, but I found a great group of people and look forward to service and small groups every week!

The family heart was chosen because family is very important to me.  Even though I don’t have any family living near me, I am in constant contact with them and cherish the time I have with them.  Of course, I also cherish the time I have with my husband and daughter, so it was a must have charm. There is no wife charm as of right now, so

The mom charm represents my biggest role in life right now- that of a mom.  And I also love my mom a whole lot, so it represents her too!

And finally, the pink sneaker, represents my running and fitness.  As you know, I love pink, in kind of an unhealthy way, lol!  My running shoes are pink so I was excited to see the pink sneaker charm.  What’s also exciting about it, is that I just found out I am a #sweatpink ambassador!  (I’ll write more about that later, just know I am VERY excited to be a part of the #sweatpink community!)

If you are interested in checking out what Origami Owl has that might tell your story, you can check out my friends page here and like her on Facebook so you can see all the great things coming out.

If you go to the actual site, make sure you create a log in before you start designing your locket, or it will all empty out of your cart!  I learned that lesson when I started looking at the site.

This post contains my honest opinion on Origami Owl and I was not compensated for this post.


4 thoughts on “My Life- Summarized in a Locket

  1. Diane says:

    I’d love to go to the site and check out more about this beautiful locket but the links are bad. Can you send it to me or just update the page? Thank you!


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