Feeding my coffee addiction for FREE!

So…I love coffee, I’ve said this before- but I mostly love it when someone else makes it and fills it with awesomeness!  But that gets expensive, so I spend some time earning gift cards to use at one of my favorite places to get coffee- Starbucks.  A friend recently posted something on Facebook about the cost of Starbucks, so I thought I would put together a post on how I get mine FREE!


1. Viggle: This is an app on my smartphone that I use when watching prime time television.  You open the app and “check in” by letting your phone listen to the television.  If you are munching on a crunchy snack, you may have to pause while checking in or it will tell you to try again, lol!

If you are watching live TV (not something you recorded on a DVR to watch later), you can sometimes do trivia about that show. I earn a lot of points this way, and that’s good because it takes a lot of points to get anything with this app.  But, since I watch TV anyways, I might as well earn points doing it. You can also complete offers to earn more points, so I look through these every few weeks to see if there is anything I am interested in.

2. SwagBucks: This is a rewards site where you earn points for all kinds of things!  You can take surveys, search the internet, watch videos, play games…there are so many things you can do!  I use it as my everyday search engine for EVERYTHING.  When I want to go to my email, I type the address in SwagBucks.  500 Swagbucks gets you a $5 gift card to Starbucks.  I usually use my points for Amazon credit, but every once in awhile I go for Starbucks.

3. MyPoints: This is another rewards site and you earn points for taking surveys, reading emails, buying gift cards and many other things!  3,700 points gets you a $25 gift card to Starbucks, or 1,650 points gets you $10.  A friend of mine buys gift cards for restaurants through this site and earns points doing that- then she redeems the points for more gift cards!

4. Shopkick: This is another fun app on my smart phone and I love it!  You earn points for walking into certain stores, scanning specific items, and looking through what they call “look books”.  You can redeem your points for gift cards to several different stores.  For Starbucks, you need 1,250 kicks for $5.  It’s pretty easy to get kicks, especially if you go to the stores that get you kicks.

5. Register your Starbucks Card: I have downloaded the Starbucks app on my phone, and it’s connected to my loyalty card.  When I earn a gift card, I load it to my app and use that to pay.  It keeps track of how many drinks I buy and I can earn free drinks that way.

6. Ibotta: This app on my smart phone does not give me gift cards, but I can be payed by PayPal, and I can use PayPal to reload my Starbucks card.  With this app, you buy certain products, and you earn cash back on them.  You scan your receipt for the approved stores and when you get to $5, you can request payout via PayPal.

I try to limit my Starbucks purchases to when I have a gift card that I earned, but sometimes I do treat myself!

Do you have a way to earn gift cards for coffee that I haven’t listed?  Let me know what it is so I can join!

This post may contain affiliate links.  Please see my disclosure page for more information

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