Like Mother and Father, Like Daughter!

My daughter loves to be like Mommy and Daddy, so the other day, when we went outside to ride her scooter, she said she wanted to run instead.  So she ran.  And she ran.  And she ran some more!  She kept saying “I just need to run another mile” Lol!

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Athletics are important, to my husband especially- he wants her involved in some kind of organized sport and always active.  I want her active too, but taking her to her sports is usually a stressful situation for me.  She is not the most cooperative when it comes to going into rooms without me, to be told what to do by a stranger, with a bunch of other kids around that she does not know, lol!

She used to take swim classes, but after three semesters she still wasn’t moving up to Level 2 and we felt they were holding her back because of her age.  She was the youngest kid, but she’s like a fish in the water.  We had her tested out of Mommy & Me class so she could go into Level 1 on her own.  And I watched her test- she did everything they asked, and she did it well.  So we decided to move on to another sport for awhile since she was begging for ballet anyways.  I still take her swimming during the week or we go on the weekend and she continues to excel at it, but we are taking a break until she is a little older.  She was getting bored with learning the same thing over and over again anyways, so it was time to switch it up!  She is enjoying ballet at our gym and we plan to enroll her in a dance studio in the fall if she is still interested.

Whatever sport she decides to like the most is going to be expensive!  They all are when you consider lessons, clothing, travel and time!  But it’s totally worth it!  It’s such a great experience and it is important to stay active.  I don’t think we will have trouble keeping her active since both her dad and I are runners and participate in races throughout the year.  We hope to sign her up for a kid run soon, I think she would LOVE to run next to us instead of just cheering us on from the sideline!

If you have kids are they active in sports?


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