Frugal Conversations with my 3 year old

My daughter is really a sponge, like most typical toddlers.  She takes in what I say, processes it and then questions me about it later.  So our frugal conversations usually come back at me at a later time, just like any other conversation we have or that she overhears me have with someone on the phone.

Today she was upset with me because I picked her up from the kids room at church as they were serving snack and she was hungry.  Never mind that she already had snack in there when they served it at the beginning of the last service- I picked her up a little later hoping the crowd would be thinner and I wouldn’t have to try to chase her through the crowd and stop her from running into the parking lot for a second week.  Turns out the snack was goldfish, one of her favorite snacks!  So we are driving home and she starts this conversation with me:

  • Belle: Mommy, will you buy me some Goldfish crackers?
  • Me: We will see
  • Belle: You can get them at Target, they have them there
  • Me: Ok, I’ll look
  • Belle: But if they aren’t on sale, you should check Walmart
  • Me: Ok, that’s good to know
  • Belle: And if they aren’t on sale at Walmart, then we can wait for them to be on sale, because if they aren’t on sale, we don’t get them, right?
  • Me: That’s right!

This conversation cracked me up!  I was trying not to laugh, because then she wants to ask me what is so funny over and over again.  I’ve told her many times while out shopping that we don’t get things that aren’t on sale, because she asks for every single thing!  And I can usually find the things she likes on sale or use a coupon to make them cheaper.  She was just so serious about making sure they were on sale.

I did end up running out to the store later in the day, and she didn’t ask about them when I got home, so she must have figured they weren’t on sale!


What fun conversations do you have with your toddler?


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