Ordering Pink Flip-Flops Makes me Smile

I am a big fan of Teva flip-flops.  And I love Spring and Summer. Plus I’ve been told that a 2 inch heel will help with my plantar  fasciitis, so I’m going to go with that and order these adorable pink flip-flops. I can wear them around the house and pretend it’s spring already- so it’s like therapy on 2 levels, emotionally and physically! It will make me smile and help me be a better runner.

pink flip flops


Teva Women’s Mush Mandalyn Ola 2 Flip Flop $19.99 and FREE shipping!

As I hit the order button I smiled real big!  I can’t wait for these to arrive!  It would be more practical to order black so they would match everything, but, since I #sweatpink, everything will match anyways!

If you are a runner, and have experienced plantar fasciitis, what have you found to be helpful? I have heard that freezing an almost full bottle of water and rolling your foot on it helps, so I am planning to throw a water bottle in the freezer today.  I’ve also read to keep your foot at a 90 degree angle while sleeping, so I’m trying to make sure that happens at night- I can’t guarantee it stays that way, but at least I can fall asleep that way.

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