Fitness after Sickness is Hard!

We’ve been sick this year a lot! And it’s really impacted my fitness goals, in a negative way.  When I am taking care of my sick toddler, I am drained of energy, but am still able to work out as long as time allows (if my husband makes it home I can go, but I can’t leave her in the gym daycare when she’s sick).  Once I get sick though, it’s hard for me to bounce back quickly! And it’s hard to get my motivation back! First we had a bad cold, then the respiratory flu which turned into a sinus infection for me.  And then this past week we had the stomach flu!

I am very envious of my husbands ability to be sick one night, and then on his bike or running the next.  I think the added work of taking care of a toddler, while I am sick, just really wears me out!  We don’t sleep, we barely eat, and it’s exhausting!

We have been sick 3 times this year, and it’s only March 4th.  She was actually sick right before Christmas too, so that’s 4 times within 3 months.  It’s very tiring!  Hopefully we are done with the germs for awhile.  I’ve been spraying Lysol everywhere and using Clorox wipes on every surface!

So today when I asked my daughter if she wanted to go to the gym and she said yes, I was like ok then, guess I’m good enough to go! So we went, and my goal was a mile at a faster speed than normal.  And I managed!  I got on one of the new fancy treadmills and started my run.  I track my runs with Nike+ but also with the treadmill, and they are usually really close, but sometimes I have to pause the run on the phone and continue on the treadmill until it catches up.  Tonight that didn’t work out that way, it was the opposite!  So I couldn’t get a screenshot of my 9:26 mile! I was so proud!  I kept watching the time to make sure I was going fast enough, and then increasing the speed.  I ran at a speed of 6, then moved it up to 6.2 and finally it was 6.4 as I finished!  I was so proud of myself!

Since I was on a roll, I went and did a few stretches, and a plank of course! Now I am icing since I have Plantar Faciitis and looking forward to a run in the morning before taking my daughter to school- if we don’t get covered in too much snow that is!

I’m glad I had a good run, because I got some bad news today!  I went into the shoe store to see if I could order a second pair of my running sneakers.  I knew these were an older model so I wanted to make sure I could keep running in my pink shoes.  But they don’t have them and they can’t order them!  And I can’t find them anywhere online! The new model of my shoe is grey, with pink along the bottom.  Definitely not enough pink!  I told the salesman that I am a Sweat Pink ambassador, and that I NEED pink shoes.  I think he thought I was a little nuts!  I’m bummed that I’ll have to find another new shoe, because color does matter to me- I know, it shouldn’t, but it does!  Anyone have a pink shoe that is pretty high stability, and good for extremely high arches?


Aren’t these so pretty?

I hope you have had a healthier year than we have!


10 thoughts on “Fitness after Sickness is Hard!

  1. simply your mom says:

    with all the running you all do in your house, I’m surprised those germs can keep up! I hope you are all done with the illness!


  2. Laura says:

    Everyone but me got stomach flu and The Girl had two weeks of type B flu. It is beyond exhausting. I exercise at home, but it’s hard if they need you. And if you get sick it’s the worst. They still need everything as normal and you can barely function.
    I hate when I had to get new shoes. I loved mine and new ones were bad. Hard finding enough support and cushion.


  3. Stacey @ Newlywed Survival says:

    Awesome job! It is so tough getting back to working out after having been sick.

    I feel your pain (about the sneakers). I have worn the same sneaker brand/model for about 4 years. After I realized I loved them, I bought 6 pairs, lol. I am not looking forward to trying a new one 😦


  4. Brandy Myers says:

    Getting sick or having a sick one in the house is my biggest “excuse” not to get any exercise for the day. It’s a bad mindset for me to have and I am working on getting over it. This year has been a rough one for illness in our house so I have used the excuse a lot.


  5. Linette says:

    I always have a hard time getting back into the swing of things after I get sick. I just tell myself I’ll do it for 10 minutes. Once I get started I’m usually ok.


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