Proud to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

My Sweat Pink tank came in the mail this week!  I was so excited to wear it to the gym today!

sweatpink tank

I was recently added to the Sweat Pink ambassador program and I’m very excited about this!  You know I love pink right? So when I found the Sweat Pink ambassador page, I had to apply.  I waited and waited and hoped to be accepted and I was!  My welcome email came with directions on how to order my first shirt!  And it said they would send me pink shoelaces- and they did!

I’m working on creating my profile and getting connected with the Sweat Pink group and I’ll write more about what it means to be a member of this amazingly supportive group of women! So far I’ve found so many great blogs and Facebook pages to follow and it’s been filling my newsfeed with so many motivating quotes, pictures and stories!

It’s always motivating to be part of a group of people working towards similar goals, isn’t it? Are you part of any groups that have a common goal?  Many of the women in this ambassador program are runners, but there are also other fitness favorites represented.

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