Treasure hunting at a resale shop

My daughter was begging me to go to St. Vincent’s for the past few days, so we went there today with a friend.  Sometimes we find treasures, and sometimes we don’t have any luck. She loves to go to St. Vincent’s because when you purchase something, kids get to  pick out a stuffed animal and 3 books from these buckets they have at the front of the store.  And they have small shopping carts that kids can push around the store.  Of course, she fills hers and we have to spend time putting it all back- she tells me “but this will make my room look beautiful” and it’s some small ceramic animal. And I love that when you check out, they put your stuff in a big re-usable canvas bag!  They’ve been doing this for a few months and I’m sure they will run out of these bags soon, but it’s so nice to get these bags to use for grocery shopping another day.

Today was a treasure day!  I was browsing through the women’s clothes and I found this cute dress (well, I thought it was a skirt at first, but my friend corrected me).  I was hesitant to buy it because we are going on a weekend getaway soon and I want to have a little spending money while we are there, but my friend convinced me to at least try it on.


So once I put it on I realized I needed to buy it of course!  It had the original sales tag from Maurice’s still attached- the price was ripped off, but the bar code was still there!  And the price tag for me to buy it today was only $4.99!


What do you think? I feel like it’s a casual enough dress that I can wear it during the summer with my black Teva flip flops. And I could probably get away with wearing leggings with it when it’s still kind of chilly out, right?

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