Sunday Fun Day: Gardening

Sunday is always a fun day for us, so I’m going to start calling it Sunday Fun Day!  My daughter and I go to church, then she usually has ballet, and then we hang out as a family.  Sometimes we grocery shop or go to the library, but mostly we stay at home and have fun.  My husband had a lot of training on his schedule today, so we had some friends over after visiting the Easter bunny.  She had a lot of fun, but I could tell that when they left, it was going to be rough.  She always wants friends over- I guess I’m too boring for her anymore 🙂

While our friends were over, we were talking about gardening and it reminded me that I had a few kits that I picked up at the end of last summer on clearance, so I got those out and we started working on them.

Here are the kits we used:

142 143

I did find the tomato one on Amazon, but not the flower kit.  You can find it here: My First Garden Grow your own tomatoes!  (This item is not eligible for free super saver shipping 😦 so if you want this item, I would check your local CVS as that is where I purchased them)

My daughter was very excited for this project, she really loves to play in the dirt.  Unfortunately, I do not have a green thumb and have not been good at growing anything successfully, but I had another kit for growing herbs, so I thought I could give it a try.  This is as green as my thumb has ever been:


Hopefully I will have better luck this time!  I’m sure my daughter will remind me to water them every day.


These are the seed packets that were in her kit.  So she will have tomatoes and flowers.


She was very excited to be pouring water on the little pods, and she dumped it all in right away!



She graciously pushed all the pods down to keep them under water.  It was like a game to her, they just kept popping up and she just kept pushing them down.  We took a break for awhile to let them soak up the water and then she got to put the seeds in the pods.

195 198

186 201

She was very serious about her job of planting the seeds.  The packets said 2 in each pod, so she counted them out and made sure each one had at least 2 seeds


When they were all done, we put the plastic tops on that will make the whole container like a green house.  Now we wait and watch for them to start growing!

My daughter really enjoyed this activity, and hopefully we will be eating tomatoes soon!

What fun thing did you do today?

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5 thoughts on “Sunday Fun Day: Gardening

  1. Marina says:

    I’ve always wondered if these kits work so please do post an update once these sprout out completely. So wanting to do something like this with the kiddos!


  2. Ida says:

    Hi Beth! This looks like fun. I planted some herbs recently but it hasn’t really worked out for me. Definitely no green thumb here. BTW…found you over on MBC. Following you on Twitter @scggirl.


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