I am MORE than “just” a Mom!

I’ve been struggling with something this week.  Am I more than just a Mom?  Have you ever thought this?  Growing up, I knew I wanted to be a mom.  I also wanted to  be an environmental lawyer- and that didn’t happen!  But I am a mom now, and I have been for over 3 years now.  I remember that while I was on maternity leave, I would dream that my husband would come home from work and say “good news honey, you can stay home and not take her to a daycare where strangers will watch her”- but it didn’t happen.  Not until she was 8 months old anyways, and he lost his job and we moved for another job offer.

Happy Birthday to me!

Since then, I’ve been “just” a mom.  She depends on me for everything, even though she is pretty independent, so I keep thinking of myself as “just” a mom, but I am MORE than that!

  • I am a WIFE even though I feel like I may neglect that role many times to be a Mom
  • I am a DAUGHTER even though I live far away from my mom
  • I am a SISTER even though I don’t get to see them every day
  • I am a FRIEND and this one I work hard to maintain and make sure that I am as much of a friend as my friends are to me
  • I am a PHOTOGRAPHER- now, I’m not a professional, but I usually like photos I take more than ones I can get done professionally
  • I am a RUNNER and this one is relatively new to me, but very important also
  • I am a SWEAT PINK AMBASSADOR and that is one of my favorite things about my new running venture!
  • I am a CHRISTIAN and I have a church home and love that I am continuing to grow spiritually every week that I attend
  • I am a COUPONER and no I do not have a 6 year supply of toilet paper- 6 months at most is usually my limit
  • I am a WRITER even though my professors in college didn’t always agree with the way I wrote
  • I am a HARD WORKER no matter what it is I am doing

I could think of several other roles I play that prove that I am MORE than “just” a mom, but my main point is that I can do other things, not just “mom” things.  A job interview prompted this line of thinking.  I found this job advertised online and I couldn’t make it to apply when they asked because we were sick with the flu.  I was bummed,  but figured something else would come along.  But then the job was posted again, so I appeared in person and spoke with them and they seemed eager to learn more about me.  I learned a lot about the job responsibilities and it sounded like a job I could do really well, and that I would enjoy.  So I was excited when they called me for an interview!

I went to the interview thinking of all the ways I could tell them that I would do a great job, but the questions were more routine than that.  So when I left I thought, wait, I didn’t give them examples of how I would do each part of the job!  But, I thought my reputation would help, along with how I answered the questions.

It wasn’t enough.  I got an email on Friday (while we were on vacation), that though my qualifications were good, they weren’t good enough and they are seeking someone else.   So I texted the friends that were waiting to hear and then pushed it aside for the weekend so I could have fun with my family.

But the more I thought about it, the more I was bothered. I would do a great job, I know I would.  For some reason they don’t think I would.  And I’m not sure if they called to ask my references or not, but I know if they knew me better, they would know I could do a fantastic job for them.  So it’s their loss I guess.  Maybe they will interview a few more people and then realize I was the right person.  One can hope, right?

My husband always says my enemy is my degree- I am over qualified for many entry level positions.  And it’s true.  I am over qualified.  And I understand that places have been burned by people just quitting when they find something in their field.  But I can honestly say I am not seeking employment in my degree field.  That would require going back to school and I am not doing that at this time.  In the future, I may pursue that, but it’s many years down the road.  Right now, I want a part time, flexible job that allows me to still be there for my daughter, but also to have a purpose outside of her. She is a great purpose to have, but I am ready for the next challenge.

I am a firm believer in everything happens for a reason and all those fun sayings, so I’m going to believe this interview process was to teach me that I am MORE than “just” a Mom.  I am a great asset to who ever hires me in the future, and I will work hard for that person.

That’s just who I am.

Who are you?


2 thoughts on “I am MORE than “just” a Mom!

  1. simply your mom says:

    Oh Beth, that was a great story! You sure are more than “Just” a Mom and I love you so much. I’m so proud of all you do and who you are. I really thought you would get that job too! I mean what the heck? But you know what? Sometimes we get some practice interviews for the real job God has waiting for us. It could be that the position for you is in the process of being vacated, or maybe that place will end up calling you after looking around a little bit more….that happened to me for my job at the Y. I love your faith and your ability to accept and know that you are everything God wants you to be. Having faith does not mean everything goes the way we think it should……sometimes we just have to wait, but with faith, the wait is filled with blessings we would miss out on for dwelling on what we don’t have or didn’t get, having faith is knowing we are right where we’re supposed to be, just for today. Love, “Just” your Mom (-:


  2. "Just Alison" says:

    Bess you are such a good writer! You write like Mom! Anyways we have not talked about this job thing, I cant believe they didn’t hire you. It was all those stupid questions they ask. They would have been lucky to have you!
    Love, Just Alison 🙂


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