I run faster outside

I run faster outside.  It’s the truth- maybe reading while running on the treadmill slows me down?  When you are running outdoors, you are sometimes distracted by the scenery, but for some reason it motivates me to run faster!  I normally run close to a 10 minute mile, but my first mile tonight was 9:08!  It was my fastest mile ever!

I couldn’t wait to go outside!  I was counting the minutes until my husband would be home so I could run out the door and get in a good run! I decided to run around the lake outside of my gym and it was a beautiful place to run!



I was running alone so I took a picture of my shadow 🙂


I wasn’t sure if the photos were going to turn out since I took them while moving, but they turned out pretty good!


There was a little breeze on the first round of the lake, but it sure picked up on the other side!


I was working hard to avoid puddles.  Eventually I ended up splashing in one with one foot and the water went right into my shoe and froze my toes for a minute! But it didn’t bother me for the rest of the run.


The sky was so beautiful!


I was still smiling at the end of my 2 miles!  And yes, I was wearing pig tails, lol!  Before I left the house I asked my husband if I looked cool.  He didn’t answer me, and my daughter said I didn’t look cool! I think the people in Target agreed with him, I got a few funny looks as I walked through the store like this- did I mention I had on hot pink compression socks?  Can’t see that in the shadow 🙂

I am now going to log off the computer and do some crunches- my darling daughter named a body part today, and it wasn’t pretty.  I was getting dressed and here was our conversation:

Belle: Mommy, your butt is showing

Me: No it’s not

Belle: Yes it is, right here (as she pokes my “love handle”)

Me: That’s my side

Belle: It’s your sidebutt

So…on to those crunches to get rid of my sidebutt 🙂


One thought on “I run faster outside

  1. Sina says:

    SIDEBUTT!!! the horror! Annabelle is hilarious. Making a note to keep all my various wandering “butts” well contained in my clothes whilst around your little miss.


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