My fastest mile and my longest plank ever!

I have an 8K race coming up this weekend so my husband told me to take it easy this week on running.  So what do I do? Set out to run my fastest mile ever! Lol!  And stay in my longest plank ever!

I’ve been experimenting with socks and running form to try to decrease the pain in my foot and I think I found the trick!  If I double up on the socks, and not heel strike at all, I am almost pain free!  I spent a very fast mile focusing on not heel striking and the faster pace helped.  I learned that if I pick my foot up faster, I tend to not heel strike on the way back down, so I picked them up really fast!


I did run another .5 miles at a slower pace before I got off the treadmill for the day.  I needed my whole 2:15 of childcare at the gym and wanted to hit an abs class, so I set out to stretch and head to the class.


I decided to plank more than a minute and I made it 1:30 before I had to stop.  I am determined to get to 2:00 by the end of the month, so this was a good start. My sister and I sometimes send sweaty after pictures to each other, so I decided to send her a pic of my plank today.  It turned out pretty cool for taking it with my phone while I was planking 🙂

The abs class kicked my butt, and my back!  I am so sore!  So I took Tuesday off and plan to run today- but it’s only 25 degrees out right now so I might hold off a little bit and let it warm up.

What is your fastest mile and how long can you hold a plank?


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