Shamrock Shuffle Race Expo

Yesterday, I got to go to the Shamrock Shuffle Race Expo and it was a lot of fun!  I actually had to pick up my mom at the airport at 8am, so we just headed over to Navy Pier after that and waited for the Expo to start.  I LOVE race expos!  It’s a big room full of all the fitness gear you need for running!  It’s great to see new items I haven’t heard of and to sample some different fueling options too!

One of our first stops was the Dr. Scholls booth where I got to try out a pair of their new inserts.  Have you seen these?

Dr. Scholl’s Active Series Replacement Insole Women’s, Large

They also gave me a great coupon and took this fun picture of me that they printed out for me AND emailed to me!  I would love to try these inserts out for a longer period of time, but changing up my inserts 2 days before a race isn’t a good idea!  I will definitely be considering them after the race though!

runners magazine cover

There were a ton more booths at the expo and I have a lot of pamphlets and information to look at.  Mostly I need to decide what my next race is going to be.  I definitely want to go up in the mileage.  I do like the smaller races, but I know I can do more, so I want to train for a half marathon, while still doing the smaller races with friends.

At the expo for the Shamrock Shuffle

My sister and her husband and kids were in town too, so after the expo we headed home to spend time with them.  And to wait for the other pieces of my running outfit to arrive.  I think I’m going to look super cute- my husband says he will be embarrassed to be seen with me, lol!  Just because I am wearing a rainbow tutu…haha! And they match the leg warmers I have.  🙂

Do you dress up for races?  I like to for the themed ones- it makes it more fun!

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2 thoughts on “Shamrock Shuffle Race Expo

    • frugalrunningmama says:

      Danielle- did you make your own training plan for the half? I think I want to shoot for one in September and am looking for a training plan to use. When will your half be?


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