Shamrock Shuffle Race Recap

I did it!  I ran for 5 consecutive miles!  I finished the Shamrock Shuffle this past weekend and I am so proud of myself!  The furthest I ran before this race was 4 miles and I’ve only done that twice.  But I told myself I could do it, and to not have any doubts.  And I did it!

My mom was in town and excited to come to the race, but the weather was not looking like it would cooperate too well for that.  We didn’t want her and my daughter to freeze, so we left them sleeping and went on our way.  My husband and I drove 40 minutes, and then got on the train for another 40 minutes.  After that, we walked a LONG way to get to the corral I was in, and then once I went in, it was an HOUR before I got to the start line!  Well, ok, maybe not that long, but it felt like that long!  I was with my friend though, so at least we got to chat for awhile.  Her husband and 2 little girls were waiting to cheer her on 🙂

Ready to go- I think my eyes look a little sleepy, lolHe was trying to get a picture of me jumping in the air

My husband took these photos of me before we left.  He was trying to get a picture of me jumping up in the air, but we didn’t quite get what he wanted, lol! He did say he was embarrassed to be seen with me, but I think he secretly thought my outfit was cute 😉

It was pretty chilly in Chicago and we got there super early so I spent a lot of time bouncing on my feet and trying to stay warm!

Shamrock Shuffle 001-001

Shamrock Shuffle 002-001

I was in Corral H with my friend- I’ve never been in a corral for a race before, so when I choose this one, we went with the 11 minute mile pace.  Big mistake for me!  I spent most of my time finding a hole to run through to pass the next person.  My husband says this could be why my Nike+ app says I actually ran further than the 8K- and I’m going to believe that he is right 🙂


My friend and I felt like we were standing there waiting forever!  It really wasn’t that long, but we got excited when we could finally see the Start line!

I actually took some pictures with my phone as I was running- it only takes the press of a little button on my phone so don’t worry, I was focusing on running while taking pictures too!  (My husband was a little worried about the fact that I sent him a text telling him I was almost at the finish line, lol!  I assured him I can text with one hand while running and I wanted to make sure he knew I was coming since I didn’t actually start at 9:15).


It was kind of freaky to run over this bridge, but I thought it looked cool when I looked down.


That was the view looking down and this is the view looking off the bridge.




I had to stop taking pictures after this because my phone battery was quickly dieing!  And I have to have my music- and hear the cheers that come through the Nike+ app when people like or comment on the notification that I am running on Facebook or Twitter.

It’s a shame my phone battery was almost dead- I could have posted a picture of me drinking a coffee at Starbucks at mile 4.  Just kidding 🙂  I resisted the temptation!

Shamrock Shuffle 013-001

I was trying so hard not to heel strike as I ran, and unfortunately near the end I was doing it more often!

I knew I was almost done when my phone told me I had already run 5 miles, and then I turned a corner to find a HILL!  What the heck!!!  Why can’t that be at the beginning of the race?  Lol!  I feel like this happens a lot in races but I also think it can motivate people to finish strong! I was thinking “ok hill, you are about to be HAD!”

Shamrock Shuffle 014-001

Going for the finish line!

There I go to the finish line! I had a great time and it was such a big race that there was a “runners energy” that you can just feel!  You can feel it as a spectator too- well, at least I usually can, do you feel it at races?  I love being a spectator when my husband does a marathon or half marathon.  Maybe that’s why I’m deciding to train for a half marathon in September.  In Chicago again 🙂  I love living so close to a big city that has fun races!  Milwaukee has some good ones, and the Wisconsin marathon is held where I live, but that’s in May and I would not be ready by then!

imageRace time

Here are my results from my phone and the official results.  I was excited that I stayed around a 10 minute mile- that was my goal!  The end time is off on my phone by a few seconds because I kept hitting the wrong button when I crossed the finish line and it didn’t stop right away.

We didn’t stay for the after race party- I wanted to get home and spend more time with my mom.  But it looked like it was a lot of fun!  I did get the food they were offering and a bottle of water, and we started our trek back to the train!

The race was very well organized for such a HUGE race!  We did wait awhile in the corral, but it’s better to let only so many people start at one time so it’s not too crowded.  I do wish the walkers were instructed to move to one side of the road so you can easily get past them, but I guess since I’m not on a track with a sign that says that, I just have to zig zag around them. I managed just fine, and jumped over a puddle or two in the process!

I wasn’t all that sore after the race, or the next day, or the next day.  Which leads me to believe I can do more.  So I am going to find a training plan for a half marathon and get moving!

Things I learned from this race:

  • Don’t run near the area where they are giving out cups of Gatorade- it gets slippery with all that Gatorade and cups on the ground!
  • Don’t reach for a cup of Gatorade if it’s a flavor you don’t like
  • Breathe even when you are passing someone- must remember to focus on breathing first and foremost
  • Start in a faster corral
  • Don’t use my phone for ANYTHING until the race starts to ensure it stays fully charged
  • Get some kind of armband/fanny pack to hold the phone
  • Do believe that I can do anything 🙂
  • I am addicted 🙂

Have you raced recently?


2 thoughts on “Shamrock Shuffle Race Recap

  1. Bridget says:

    Sounds like you had fun…i was getting all excited just reading that! hehehe….can’t wait to get in a race myself someday


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