I will not stop running

It’s a sad day for the Boston Marathon today, but I will not stop running.

People work so hard to get there- the training and the dedication are amazing.  Most runners dream of qualifying to run the Boston Marathon. My husband is one of those runners- he would love to qualify for this race.

I’ve been at the finish line of many races.  My husband ran his first marathon in St. Louis shortly after we moved there in 2006 and he’s been running races since then.  Before I had a child, I would go from checkpoint to checkpoint to see him run by.  Even when I was pregnant, I was there to cheer him on and I never, not even once, thought I was in danger!  Anything can happen, but I try not to live my life worrying that something bad will happen every day.  My daughter now goes with me to cheer him on for every race that we can go to (some are too far or weather is not cooperating).

My daughter has grown up cheering for my husband, and now myself, and we will continue to do that.  I am running this weekend, and my husband is running the Wisconsin Half Marathon in a few weeks.  We can’t stop our lives because of tragedy, that would just let the people who cause the tragedy think they have won.  So we are going to keep running.

chicago marathon

I was a spectator at the Chicago marathon when I took this photo.  I really enjoy getting to explore the cities where the races are.

cincinatti marathon

I was VERY pregnant for the Cincinnati marathon and I spent most of the race in the hotel room since it was raining for that race.  It was cold and wet outside so I cheered him on at the closest checkpoint I could find and then headed back to the warmth of the room.

light house run

She loves to cheer her Daddy on!  This was at the Lighthouse Race in Racine, WI.  A beautiful place for a race!

madison marathon

The Madison marathon was a VERY hot day for us and a very difficult run for my husband.

chicago marathon 2

The last time my husband ran the Chicago marathon, his parents came up to help cheer him on so they also got to see the sights of Chicago between checkpoints.

wisconsin marathon

See how proud she is of her Daddy?  He beat his personal best at the Wisconsin Marathon in 2011.

I’m not making light of the situation, but I can still see the joy in running a race and I will not let this event make me fear being involved in a race- whether it’s as a spectator or a runner.

I am praying for everyone involved in this horrible tragedy.


3 thoughts on “I will not stop running

  1. Kimberly says:

    It breaks my heart just thinking about what everyone in Boston are going through. Worrying about your loved one and not knowing if they are ok. This is not going to keep people from running and in fact will have people become runners.


  2. Rhonda says:

    My daughter & I are racing together this weekend- we will not be afraid! And I pray that the runners who were in Boston will be able to do the same.

    Thanks for linking up at Kids Running Wild!


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