Half Marathon Training Begins…and I’m running a 10K this weekend

Apparently I am running a 10K this weekend.  It’s kind of a surprise.  My husband has been complaining that his ankle has been bothering him so he rested for 7 days!  And that is amazing for him!  He never goes that long- but he doesn’t want to risk the half marathon he has coming up, or his iron man in September.  So he texted me today and asked if I would take his place at the race.  My name won’t be on the time, but it will still  be an accomplishment for me.

I’ve never run a 10K, but then again I had never run an 8K and look what I did last weekend!

The race is the Take A Step for Kids 5K/10K Run/Walk and it is in Libertyville, IL.

take a step for kids

I am excited to be running, even though it’s not what my training plan tells me to do this week.  I found a plan that is 18 weeks long and starts with three 3 mile runs in the first week.  I run every other day, and then do strength training in between those days.  It’s definitely something I can do, with some new running playlists and support from friends and family.

I was talking to my mother-in-law on Skype yesterday afternoon and I was telling her how my husband asked me to race in his place and my daughter got really excited and said “Do it Mommy! Do it!  Do it for Daddy!  He will be so proud of you!”  It was really cute and sweet 🙂

Hopefully I have run 3 miles outdoors by the time you are reading this.  And I am printing out this bib to wear in support of Boston and the terrible tragedy that happened during the marathon.

boston bib

Will you print out this picture and run a mile for those in  Boston?

2 thoughts on “Half Marathon Training Begins…and I’m running a 10K this weekend

    • frugalrunningmama says:

      Up until now, I’ve had Taylor Swift and that’s pretty much it. My husband loaded his “Beats” playlist for me and when I was running today I was loving it! SO many upbeat songs that help me set a faster pace!


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