I really AM a runner!

“I really AM a runner!”

That is what went through my mind today, shortly after I finished a run.  I got my daughter ready early and arrived at the gym at 8am- which is the earliest I can drop her off in the kids area- and set out on an outdoor run.  My phone said the weather was not that warm, and I was wearing capris and just a tank top with a light jacket- but I was NOT getting on the treadmill.  When I thought about the treadmill today, I started saying “I can’t do it.  I just can’t do it mister” in my head, but of course I was using Jim Carey’s voice from Ace Ventura, lol!

I have a new playlist loaded onto my phone.  My husband has a playlist called “beats” that he uses for when he needs some good fast moving songs.  I had no idea what was on there, I let him load it on and never looked at it until today.  The music kept me going pretty fast!  I only skipped a few songs (I wish when I skipped them it would tell me that later so I could delete them!).

We’ve had a lot of rain lately so the path was full of worms!  But it was a beautiful day for a run!  The wind wasn’t too bad, and the only thing that was cold was my hands, and they warmed up pretty quickly.

The path I was on is 2.3 miles if you go around the lake, so instead of trying to calculate once I got all the way around, I turned around when my phone said 1.54 miles so I would end up with a little cool down walk in the end.  Of course I decided I was going to just continue running until I got back to the doors of the gym so I ended up running 3.11 miles- and I did it in 29:20!!!!  That is a huge difference for me!  I was booking it! Lol!

I probably would have kept on running if I didn’t have my daughters school conference at 9:20.  I only had one instance of pain in my foot and when it started to hurt I checked my form and I was not doing it right!  So I fixed it and the pain went away!  I am so happy about that- I can’t stand the foot pain from plantar faciitis.  This gives me hope that I am strengthening my foot correctly and will be pain free completely someday!

The reason I thought “I really AM a runner” was because when I was conversing with myself (you do that too right?  talk to yourself in your head when you are driving to keep yourself company? Lol!) I told myself, “I went for a nice easy 3 miles this morning”  Oh boy!  I described my run as “easy” and worded it as if it was a short run!  Half marathon here I come!  But first, I will conquer the 10K this weekend!



7 thoughts on “I really AM a runner!

    • frugalrunningmama says:

      Yes, the treadmill is awful when you can see sunshine outside! Hopefully the warm weather will be here to stay soon!


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