Mission: Save the yellow ball

Sometimes in order to get my daughter to do something, I have to tell her she is on a mission.  Sometimes her mission is to find all the Polly Pocket’s in the playroom in an attempt to clean and organize- she then has to put them in the bucket for the Polly Pocket’s. The missions are really my attempt to get her help in cleaning up her toys in a fun way!

Well, the other day when it was raining, I noticed her big yellow ball was no longer in the trampoline- it was in our neighbors yard, one gust of wind away from being gone forever!  Her Gramma Susie had just bought her that ball and it was way too early in the spring season to be loosing a toy!

So I called her over and told her that her mission was to run out and grab it.  She had on flip flops and no jacket, but it had been pretty nice out so she just ran out like that.  She got half way there and turned around and said she needed different shoes.  The grass in my neighbors yard is very sharp and there are “prickles” over there.  So she came in and had to go get socks and put on her rain boots.

Take two- she made it half way there and came running back for a jacket. Lol!  It had started to rain so she needed to stay dry.


Take three- success!



Mission accomplished!  She was very excited to wear her rain boots and to save the ball!


8 thoughts on “Mission: Save the yellow ball

  1. Cecile says:

    I do the same thing with my son. I just can’t say “clean up your room” I have to give him specific missions or tasks to complete that have some element of fun.


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