It’s official! I’m registered for my half marathon!

I did it. I pressed “register” on the half marathon race.  On the last day of the discounted pricing.  Because I was like ohmygoshcanIreallydothis????  I even asked a few friends if they thought I was crazy.  The consensus was yes- but that they knew I could do it- so I’m doing it! I posted on Facebook that I registered and 21 people liked it within an hour!  How’s that for a supportive group of friends?  It’s AWESOME!

My husband was laughing at me the other day and asking if I remembered telling him I would only ever run if I was being chased.  Of course I remember- that was when he started running races.  I remember his first half marathon.  He must have signed up awhile before he told me, and then all of a sudden he was like “oh, I’m running a half marathon this weekend” and I was like ok.  I didn’t think about going to watch him, until the morning of the race.  And I didn’t tell him I was coming, so by the time I navigated to downtown St. Louis, found parking and made my way to the finish line, he was home.  Total wife fail on that one!

So anyways, my husband predicts that in two years time I will have a triathalon bike like his- only pink- and it will be set up on the other side of our bed on an indoor trainer like his, lol! I don’t know, I don’t think I’d ride that far unless….lol…why dig myself that hole when it’s always a possibility, right?

And now that I will have longer runs, I am thinking I might want a Garmin like my husbands.  Nothing as big as his, I am not a fan of things on my wrist and do not wear watches normally. I want something that will track my run and my heart rate.  I found this cute one on Amazon so I might have to save up for it 🙂

(#ad) Garmin Forerunner 10 GPS Watch (Pink/White)

Of course it’s pink- isn’t it cute?  Lol!  I am thinking I will need one of these since my phone battery can’t last more than 5.25 miles (it promptly died after my 8K, right after I finished), so maybe if I just use music and not an app that tracks me, it might last longer.  I can’t run without either music, or with someone to talk to.  (You don’t know how many times I wanted to tap someone in the Shamrock Shuffle and ask if they wanted to chat while we ran 🙂  My sister tells me I’m crazy…)

I know I can run a half marathon, but I know it will take a lot of work!  I have my 18 week training plan all set in my calendar, and now I need to find something to do as strength training on my off days.  I recently bought a hula hoop and can spin it continuously for 3 minutes- that strengthens my abs right? Lol!

Do you have a good strength training workout?

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