How do you protect your phone/mp3 player from water?

I run with my iPhone.  It tracks my distance and plays my music.  And it has Google Maps in case I get lost 🙂  But, I worry about it getting wet if it starts to rain.  I actually cut a run short the other day because it was sprinkling and I was worried it was going to get worse.  So when I saw this in my email I got excited!  It will protect your phone and it’s an armband!  And it’s meant for an iPhone/Smartphone!

(This is an affiliate link.)

waterproof phone case

I like that the headphones are waterproof too. I am pretty sure that the ones I have are pretty waterproof since they made it through the washing machine and still work, lol!

If you go to the beach a lot this might be a good idea too.  When I am on vacation, I tend to leave my phone behind, but when we go to the beach locally, I like to have my phone in case someone is joining us and I need to contact them.  It would be nice to know it’s protected in my beach bag for when my daughter goes rooting through looking for something to eat or play with.

You can get this today for $12.99 plus $3.99 shipping but this price is only good today.  Sometimes I see the same item cycle through on this page, but not right away.

How do you protect your phone/mp3 player when you are out running?

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