My Daughter, The Dandelion

Dandelions are everywhere, right?  My mom LOVES them!  I mean, really LOVES them!  She says “Dandelions are my favorite flower, because they refuse to stop growing.” And I’m pretty sure that’s true- they are considered a “weed”, but they are so irresistible when they are in seed form- who doesn’t want to pick them and blow the seeds away? My daughter certainly loves to do that!

I was reading the first part of my mom’s book that she wrote and is currently trying to get published.  And then I was thinking about how today, when my daughter was riding her bike, alone, down the street, I was thinking “she is growing up WAY TOO FAST!”

Just the other day, at the pool, she decided she was going down the big water slide!  Now, I used to be a big fan of water slides and rides that spin and go upside down.  But I’ve grown past that love, and now I like to remain on the ground.  But she’s not even 4, and she went down this huge water slide.  Several times! Something just clicked in her and she just did it. Luckily I had brought the waterproof camera with me!  I normally don’t bring that to the pool since we go so often, but it was Mother’s Day so I decided to take some pictures of her swimming.  On her first trip down, the camera wasn’t working!  I was so mad!  It was telling me to insert a new memory card when I knew the one in there was just fine! (Am I the only one who checks to see how many photos you can take on a card before leaving the house?) I opened the memory card slot and closed it again and then the camera worked.  Whew!  I was about to ask my husband for the combination on the lock so I could grab my Nikon and stand on the side of the pool to take pictures! Or my phone.  I was not letting this moment go without it being documented!


So back to today…she asked if she could rider her scooter to the mailbox and back (our mailbox is a community one that is a few houses down and this is her boundary when running/walking/riding).  The scooter didn’t last to the neighbors house, so she came back and asked to ride her bike.  Last year, she got a new bike and then decided she did not like riding it.  It was a lot bigger than her previous bike so I think it was a little scary for her to be up so much higher.  But, the Easter Bunny, who bought the bike, didn’t want to have to buy another one in a few months so he went with the bigger bike.  I tried several times last summer to get her to ride while I ran, and every time she would get sooooo tired and I would end up pushing the bike back while she ran ahead of me to beat me back to the car.  It was frustrating.  Mostly because she would say she wanted to ride and she was going to ride for miles!

So I got my wish, she wants to ride her bike.  But this also means she is growing.  Like a dandelion.  And she refuses to stop!  She loves to eat all her veggies at dinner and then stand up and say “Look how tall I am now that I ate all my food!”  It’s really quite cute (yes, I know, I’m biased, lol!)

My daughter is going to be 4 in less than a month!  I just can’t believe it’s been 4 years since she was born!  I mean, the first year was rough, and I think I felt like time was dragging since she cried. All. Day. Long. Everyday! But these last 3 years of staying home with her have flown!  We have had so many fun adventures and the time just continues to fly by!

i am glad I am a total mamarazzi because I can look back at photos and have that same feeling I did then. I can remember what we were doing and what I was thinking. I remember being in the hospital after having her and she was just screaming and screaming at night and I finally called and asked if they could take her to the nursery and see if they could calm her. I mean, I was exhausted already from giving birth and now she was just screaming! They told me she would just be left to scream there too because they had a record amount of babies born that day and didn’t have time to try to quiet her. So I said never mind. I got up out of that hospital bed, stripped down to my undies and walked around the room with her, touching skin to skin. I had remembered something I read that said babies like that. Well, shortly after that a nurse came in and was kind of shocked at the sight of us nearly naked walking around the room. Lol!  That’s pretty much how the first year of her life went. She wanted to be held and comforted 24/7.

it remember taking her to daycare for the first time and going to work. It was rough. And that first day back, I was presenting to the staff.  I was standing up there talking and someone raised their hand. When I called on them they let me know that my child was not, in fact, in my arms, and I could stop rocking. Lol!

I remember being in the hospital waiting room, waiting on my nephew who was stillborn, and my daughter was just wanting to nurse all the time. When she wasn’t nursing, she as brining smiles to our otherwise sad faces. At one point I was laying on the floor (there was no one else there but my family) and she crawled over and basically five bombed at my breast to get me to nurse her more.  And then moments later she stood up and took 12 steps across the room! Her first steps! At 8.5 months old!

I remember her first birthday party, when my mom flew in and then my sisters drove there to surprise my mom and join the party. We had so much fun! We took my daughter to her first hoe down that week!



My friend and I were talking about how we need to enjoy the sweet moments we have now, because pretty soon our girls will be telling us they hate us and slamming the door in our face. We certainly hope that won’t be the case, but I was a teenage girl at one point so I am fully expecting to get back what I gave to my mom…and more!

I remember her first day of preschool when I thought they were going to have to pry her off of me to make her stay. But she walked away from me like it was no big deal!


I have so many more memories, but I will save them for my next nostalgic day 🙂

Because my mom LOVES dandelions, I love to take pictures for her and tag her on Facebook.  She also loves seagulls too, but those are a little harder to get in a picture with my daughter- which my mom also LOVES! Lol!

Here are a few of the shots I took and sent to my mom:




Today my daughter and her friends were having a contest to see who could pick the most dandelions, so there aren’t that many left in my yard at the moment, but I am sure they will be back!

If you have kids, do you ever have those moments where you look at them and think “when did they grow up?”

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