Pro Compression Socks help me run! (Review)

My husband wanted compression socks for his birthday so I reached out to my #sweatpink sisters and asked what the best brand was.  One of the most mentioned names was Pro Compression.  So I wrote them asking about the possibility of a review and they said yes! They sent me 2 pairs, one for me and one for him.

I have had a shin splint in one leg and am battling Plantar Faciitis in that foot, so I was also interested in trying out some compression socks to see if they could help. And I let them know that I love pink so they sent me pink ones!


I really wasn’t sure what to expect.  My husband has compression sleeves, but this was going to be our first experience with compression socks. I actually received them at the end of March, but I wanted to really test them out for my review.  I wanted to run a few times in them and wash them and see how they came through the wash. The Pro Compression website does recommend you wash in cold (which I do) and air dry (which I don’t) but it does say you can machine dry.  I am not a fan of air drying anything that comes out of the washing machine.  I don’t like the way it feels when it’s dry, but there was one time where I pulled them from the wash and threw them on.  They weren’t very wet (my washer is pretty good at not leaving the clothes sopping wet!), so I shook them out a bit, rolled them on and hit the pavement!

I knew compression socks were supposed to be tight, and these definitely were!  They take a little longer to get on than just normal socks, but they weren’t impossible to get on. Even after I put them through the washer and dryer, they still went on fairly easy and retained the tightness that makes them effective.

My first run with them was great! I could tell that they were helping my legs feel less fatigue.  And I left them on for awhile after my run to help my muscles, and that seemed to help also.  I’ve worn them for almost every run (yes, that means I am doing a LOT of laundry, lol) and I can tell the difference when I don’t wear them. My legs don’t seem as heavy when I have them on, and my muscles are less sore if I keep them on for awhile.


(Post run stretch on my hallway floor.)

I did notice that they are thinner than my normal socks, so I add another pair of socks over top and that seemed to help.


This is my favorite way to wear them! I have gotten a few funny looks, but I don’t like to cover my socks, especially when they rock as much as these do!

My daughter is jealous, so when I was getting mine on, she went and searched her drawer and was so proud to find some just like mine!


My husband said they were definitely better than the off brand ones we picked up as a spare pair.  He would love to have a drawer full of Pro Compression brand since they seem to retain their tightness better than the generic ones.

Now that the weather is getting warmer, I need to get some compression sleeves so I don’t get too warm!

If you haven’t yet, go on over to Pro Compression’s website and check them out.  Also make sure to follow them on Facebook and Twitter to get great discount codes and to see the great new colors that come out!

Do you run with compression socks?

I was sent 2 pairs of Pro Compression socks to try out and review for this blog.  I was provided with no other compensation.  The opinions expressed are truly my own and I would not promote a product I do not like and actually use myself.


3 thoughts on “Pro Compression Socks help me run! (Review)

  1. Kim says:

    I have a couple pairs of Pro Compression socks. When I first tried them, I thought they were too tight and not really my thing. However, after having to wear prescription strength (30-40 mmHg) compression stockings for the past few weeks (I had vein surgery) – the socks are like nothing!! I wore them the other day for my first run post-surgery (wraps are too much work for a run!) and they provided enough support that I made it through the run!
    Now, I think I need more pairs!


  2. Sun says:

    I have a pair of Pro Compression socks and I love wearing them during long runs and races! They always stay up – there’s nothing worse than having to pull up your socks while trying to run 🙂


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