A run is a run, is a run

I’ve been struggling with running lately!  I have to keep telling myself that a run is a run, no matter how bad it is! Even if it sucked really really bad, it was still a run and still an accomplishment!

We were on vacation last week in Hilton Head, SC and I managed to go out for 4 runs.  It helps that my husband brought his tri bike and was out biking and running himself, lol!  We had to take turns, so he would get up early and go out and I had to wait for him to get back.  There were other adults around, but we didn’t want to impose and ask them to watch her, so we just took turns.

We arrived on the island on Saturday and I ran on Sunday.  That was a good run.  I ran 3 miles- it was slow, but steady.  I saw a lizard, a squirrel and a white bird that I couldn’t identify.  I also saw a lot of other runners and walkers.  They didn’t smile back at me when I smiled at them- that’s so frustrating!  Smile at me, lol!

Monday I went out for another 3 miles.  It was tough because it was getting warmer our each day we were there.  I went running in my new compression shorts and sports bra that I got for free from Old Navy.  My friend received the Crowd Tap  campaign that gave us each a free top and bottom from the active line.  I was a little self conscious running in that, but I saw other runners dressed the same, so that helped.  My sister told me I was crazy, because skin jiggles, lol!  And it did, but that’s ok, it kept me cool! I somehow ran past the road we were staying on, so I was glad to have Google Maps on my phone!

Vaca running

Wednesday I had a bad run.  My foot fell asleep really bad and I couldn’t really feel it.  I didn’t think it was that safe to be running on it like that since I couldn’t feel the impact and wasn’t sure if I was using correct form, since I couldn’t feel it.  So I quit at 2.29 miles and walked the rest of the way back.


Friday was bad.  I didn’t even make it a mile. I think I was tired and dehydrated.  I told myself to push through it, but I felt like my body was telling me to stop, so I did.  I was disappointed in myself, but also proud that I knew when to stop and not push it to the point of injury. I slowly walked back and then enjoyed our last day at the beach.

Now I am home and I’ve asked someone to run with me on Sunday because my training calls for a 4 mile run and I know I won’t make it through that run without someone there with me. It’s so much easier to get through a tough run when you have someone to chat with.  Even if it makes the run slower, it’s still more pleasant to have someone there.

Hopefully having a running partner will help me out of this running funk I seem to be in!  I’ve had more than a few bad runs lately and I need to turn that around!

Have you been in a fitness rut before?  What did you do to get out of it?

6 thoughts on “A run is a run, is a run

  1. Natalie Winnett says:

    If I could run 4 miles, I would totally run with you. But I’d slow you to about 1/2 your normal time anyways 😉

    Where did you find your running plan?


  2. Kim says:

    Way to run through vacation! I’m struggling with my running right now – to the point where I’m actually taking a little break from running and doing other stuff. Not only is it hard – I’m not enjoying it and I don’t ever want to hate running!!
    Good luck – hopefully you will feel back on track soon.


    • frugalrunningmama says:

      I don’t want to hate running either! I was able to run 4 miles tonight so that was exciting! I went somewhere else to run instead of my neighborhood and that helped. I ran 2 miles then turned around so it was either walk and freeze, lol, or finish the run!


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