Gluten-Free is my way to be!

So my doctor suggested I could have Celiacs disease a few weeks ago.  He wanted me to take a blood test and have a camera put down my throat to do a biopsy to see if I should be gluten-free.  My insurance couldn’t tell me how much the blood test would cost, so I thought I would try to just cut out gluten and see how I felt.  It has to be a cheaper option, right? I mean, even if the insurance pays 80%, I could still be out several hundred dollars just for a blood test.

After doing some research, some of the symptoms seem to fit.  And I did notice that when I ate some whole wheat bread, my joints swelled and I had heart burn.  So I decided on the way to vacation that I wanted to be gluten free.  Luckily I have internet on my phone so I did some more research while my husband was driving.  I found some things I could eat and learned some things to stay away from.

Luckily, I found out that M&M’s are gluten free, and I had some packed for the trip.  I love chocolate.  I really do.  And M&M’s are on my list of favorites.  I can live without bread if I can have chocolate.  🙂

So the week on vacation went by fairly easily.  I avoided anything that could have gluten in it and I noticed a BIG difference!  I wasn’t having any heartburn (I was having a lot of heartburn even with the medicine I was on), and no abdominal pain!  I had been feeling so blech prior to cutting out gluten this week, so I was glad to be feeling better!

I think the thing that jumped out the most to me when doing research, was “unexplained infertility” as a symptom/side effect of Celiac Disease.  If nothing else, I will try this to see if it helps with that struggle.

I am hoping that as time goes on and I remain gluten-free, I will feel even better!  I did a very low carb diet a few months ago and I did notice that I felt “lighter” when I wasn’t eating so many carbs.  So hopefully I will see many good changes! I did lose weight when I wasn’t eating carbs, so that is always a good perk!  I’ve been buying all new clothes at thrift stores to fit my new low carb body, and here is one of my new favorite outfits:


I’ve already found a few friends that are also gluten-free, and a lot of resources on the internet to help me find good food choices.  Traveling and stopping for fast food is a struggle, and the girl at McDonald’s gave me a very funny look when I asked if the wrap on the snack wrap is gluten-free, lol!  Salads are pretty safe, so I will stick with those while traveling.

I am creating a board on Pinterest for gluten-free recipes I find, so if you are looking for some new ones, check out my board!

Do you eat gluten free?


One thought on “Gluten-Free is my way to be!

  1. Auntie Debbie says:

    Nope the McWrap is not gluten free and I bet that look was kind like the one I get when I order a sausage biscuit without the biscuit… a mix of confusion & dismay…
    I have been wheat free for 6 months and I was going to send you a list of all my favorites – but then I found this – 2013 Best of Gluten-Free Winners ->
    … add Mi-Del gluten -free ginger snaps and Trader Joes gluten free chocolate chip cookies & the list is complete =) oh, and Jason’s Deli has the BEST chicken salad sandwich – but I think you have to cross the border to find it – YUM!


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