Ready to start my Project Life!

I take a TON of pictures! In fact, my computer is absolutely full and I cannot import or edit any more photos.  (I have an external hard drive on it’s way in the mail so I can unload some soon)  Which is a shame, because we just got back from vacation and I have a bunch of fun photos!  So, I am excited that my Project Life order will be here this week so I can start putting these photos in a book!  I used to scrapbook a lot, but I don’t have the space or time for all the tools that involves.  Project Life is a much easier, but still  beautiful way to display and journal all our adventures!

I have a few friends who use Project Life items so it will be nice to get together with them and work on our projects while the kiddos play- or after they are all sleeping, lol!

Now I have to decide what pictures I will start with.  Project Life has dividers you can buy to organize by month, so I should start with January of this year and go from there.  When I would scrapbook, I would make sure I had a ton of photos ready so I could pick and choose depending on my mood, but I think I will do much better if I go the more organized route.

Hobby Lobby will soon be carrying the Project Life line, but I ordered through Amazon (this is my affiliate link) and these are the first two sets I ordered:


I also ordered some of the pages to put the photos and journal cards in, but I haven’t ordered a book yet.

How do you store and display photos?  I used to have a book shelf full of my scrapbooks, but they are stored in the basement right now.  I think I’ll have to bring a few up and find somewhere to display them soon!

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One thought on “Ready to start my Project Life!

  1. Kimberly says:

    When you get it I would love to see it. So then I can understand it better. I do the traditional scrap booking but have not had the time to do it. Anything that would be faster I would love to know more about.


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