Readjusting to the world of work

So I rejoined the world of work this week.  It’s quite an adjustment!  I have been home with my daughter for 3 years now and haven’t spent that much time away from her.  I am not working full time, but I will have a few days where I will drop her off in the morning and not see her until the next morning because I will be home after she is in bed.  That’s so sad!

My plan was to get a job in the fall, once we finished all our summer travel and my daughter was in school 4 days a week.  Then I saw this job posted so I applied.  Honestly, I assumed they would turn me down.  Again.  I applied with and was turned down by them 3 years ago.  It’s hard to get an entry level job when you have a pretty high degree.  If I could send my diploma back and get even a partial refund on my loans, I would totally do it! Lol!  It hasn’t really gotten me where I wanted to be, career wise, so I consider it almost useless.

Wondering what I will be doing? I will be working with kids with autism as a line therapist.  This means I go into their home and teach them life skills.  This could be anything from waving hello, to creating a sentence using laminated pictures that they velcro to a sentence strip.  It is very intensive and tiring work.  But very fulfilling.  Can you imagine the joy on a childs face when they master a skill?  I used to see it all the time in my years as a teacher and guidance counselor and it’s the best thing to experience!

My daughter is adjusting to me working a lot better than I am!  I worked on Tuesday and after I picked her up, this was our conversation:

Belle: What day is it today?

Me: Today is Wednesday

Belle: I don’t like Wednesday

Me: Why?

Belle: Because you don’t work on Wednesdays

Way to make me feel loved! Lol!  She did ask me today if I could teach her sitter how to make her sandwich into a butterfly like I do 🙂  That made me smile.

I think what is most stressful is that we have so much going on this summer and I have to learn all this new stuff for the job, yet still manage my household and make up hours I will miss while on vacation. Plus my schedule has clashed with my training schedule for my half marathon, so I need to do some work on changing that.


I know I will get in a groove and things will even out, I’m just trying not to stress too much while I am in the process of getting into that groove.

Have you gone back to work after being home?  How did you adjust?


One thought on “Readjusting to the world of work

  1. Kim says:

    I stayed home for 9 years when my boys were little then went to work for awhile. Like you, I have education that I will never use – I used to be a middle school teacher but I also have a masters in Sports Medicine. When I went back to work, I didn’t want to teach again – I just worked in the office at their elementary school as the book keeper. It was fun – I did it for 5 years but quit because I didn’t want to work full time. Now I stay home again and do some personal training and teach a few fitness classes.


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