4 years ago today…

Today is an exciting day for my daughter.  4 years ago today she was born!  She was born on the 10th, but my water broke on the 9th, which is my mom’s birthday 🙂

I remember thinking that she was NEVER coming out, even though it was 2 weeks until my due date.  I felt like she was ready to come out, so in my head, she was late, lol! I was at work that day and so miserable.  But since I was convinced she wasn’t coming out anytime soon, I spent the day moving heavy boxes around and packing up my office.  I planned to go back to work, but my office was moving to another location so I had to pack to be moved.  I guess all that moving around helped her be ready to move around too!

I am sure she will wake up around the time she was born tomorrow, which was 5:21am!  I didn’t have a long, horrible labor.  I walked into the hospital at 5CM dilated and let them know I was ready for an epidural right away.  Once I had that, I went to sleep.  I hadn’t slept well in a LONG time and it felt good.  I had 3 friends in the waiting room who would come in and ask if I was ready to push yet.  I was too comfortable and I think the nurses were grateful because they told me they had a record amount of babies born that night.

I’m pretty sure she kicked her way out of me herself.  Yep.  Just put her feet right on my ribs and gave a nice, big kick!  She was ready to be out and moving.  And crying.  A lot.

Belle baby belle smile Belle dream come true

They told me several times when I was pregnant and getting an ultrasound that she would be an active child.  I kind of brushed that off thinking what do they know?  Apparently they know a lot.  A WHOLE lot!

She did cry a lot as a baby.  And when I say a lot, I mean like all the time.  24/7.  Seriously.  If she wasn’t attached to me somehow, she was crying.  So maybe that’s why I’ve been a little sad the last few days.  She is growing up and this is the longest stretch of days that I haven’t had to sleep with her for more than half the night.  She has been sleeping through the night.  Without a diaper!  By herself.  Normally, I stay up until about midnight, because that is when she wakes up and calls for me to snuggle with her.  I probably could get her to sleep then sneak out…only she wakes up when I try, and by that point I’m so tired, and she is quite snuggly.  So I wake up in the morning in her bed.  Only now she is sleeping all by herself!  And she is so proud about it!

My husband used to say I’d be sleeping with her until she’s 16, but maybe that will end now.  Besides, by the time she is 16 she will be 2 feet taller than me.  And if I thought she could beat me up in her sleep at 3, imagine how many bruises I would have when she is 16!  I told him he is not allowed to mention her sleep lately, because he will jinx it- so no one read this out loud, k?

first birthday cake first birthday cake mommy smash kim first birthdaybelle first birthdaybelle 1 year tongue

This was her on her first birthday 🙂 We had recently moved to Wisconsin and were loving our new place and new friends! She was walking at 8.5 months, so by this time she was running!  And fast!  She was also becoming quite the swimmer!  I took her 3 times a week to “mom & tot” swim and she loved it!

belle second birthday second birthday

Here is her second birthday 🙂  She was starting to get into her little punky attitude by this point!  She loved to be silly and play chase.

fav 3rd bday 3rd birthday3rd bday

3rd bday drama

And here she is at 3.  She hit 3 and became a bit dramatic!  Very demanding and expecting the world to revolve around her!  (It does pretty much revolve around her, but don’t tell her that, lol!) This is when she started asserting her independence a lot!  And pushing buttons- but being cute while she does it!

DSC_0216 DSC_0188 Can you guess what she did with this fork?

And here she is now, at 4.  She has quite the personality! She knows what she wants and can usually figure out how to negotiate for it.

She is growing up way too fast!  But I’m so proud of my little spunky red-head and can’t wait to see what being 4 brings.  People say “terrible twos” but we hit that at 3, so what’s next?

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