How I enjoy coffee while camping

We went camping this weekend, and I was thinking it would be a rough weekend if I didn’t have coffee in the morning.  Yes.  I am addicted.  It doesn’t even have to be caffeinated, as long as it’s got some good creamer in it.  I just like the taste of my sweet coffee in the morning.  It helps start my day, especially when I haven’t slept well due to my adorable little 4 year old insomniac 🙂 So I knew I had to find a way I could enjoy my coffee while camping!

I’ve had the Starbucks Via instant coffee before and I’ve also had other brands.  The Starbucks one is by far the tastiest, at least for me.  It blends better and the taste is smoother.  So I picked up a pack of the Via Iced Caramel Coffee.  Then I went looking for creamer that doesn’t need to be refrigerated.  I don’t generally like the powdered kind, but figured it would be good enough for camping. I LOVE the Coffee Mate Italian Sweet Cream, but unfortunately they don’t carry that in powder at my store, so I went with Carmel Macchiato.  I figured that would complement the Caramel coffee.

The next issue was what to put it in.  The powdered creamer never blends very well for me, especially in coffee that is not hot.  I wasn’t planning on boiling water at the campsite for coffee- we aren’t generally people who make a fire in the morning, plus my husband was going to be doing a triathlon in the morning and I would be on my own with my daughter.  I am not a good fire builder.  I remembered that last week at St. Vincent’s, I found a shaker bottle that was brand new, never been used!  The ball in the middle was still in plastic with the directions inside!  And it was $0.59!!!  I figured I would try that, because surely that little ball in there could help the coffee and creamer blend together.

coffee while camping

It worked!  It was perfect! The creamer blended right in when I shook it up and it was delicious!  It made me quite the happy camper! Literally 🙂

If you are needing coffee on the go, here are the ingredients I use:

(affiliate links)

BlenderBottle® Classic 28-ounce Black

This comes in different colors and sizes, and there are other brands, but this was the cheapest one I saw

Starbucks VIA® Iced Caramel Coffee by Starbucks Coffee

Coffee-Mate Cafe Collection Caramel Macchiato, 15-Ounce (Pack of 3)

How do you enjoy your coffee when you are away from home?  Especially when you have no coffee shop close by?

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One thought on “How I enjoy coffee while camping

  1. gps tracking devices says:

    French press is a much better way to make coffee in general, but entails more gear and weight. All you need is hot water and coffee. French press when I camp and Starbucks Via when I backpack. They were remarkably good and work just fine with cold or hot water.


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