Running and Riding with my Daughter

Tonight I decided to let my daughter participate in my run- but on her bike 🙂  I thought it would be fun to have a running and riding adventure. We tried this several times last year and it was pretty unsuccessful.  She whined a lot that she was tired, and she needed a drink.

SO…I was prepared this time.  I had my husbands fuel belt that I wanted to try out to see if I liked it (I ran out of water on a 5 mile run recently with no working water fountains in sight!).  I was ready for the thirsty part.  She had also napped at the babysitters house, so she should be full of energy!  After a snack, we headed out to the gym.

Here was the plan:

1. Run/ride around the lake- total of 2.3 miles

2. Have a fruit picnic by the lake

3. Swim inside at the gym

So we got to the gym, and when I got her bike out, she said “I wish my bike had a basket so I could put my cell phone in it.  I’m pretty sure everyone is going to text me”.

When we started out and she was doing great!  I was alternating between running forward and backwards, and sometimes in a circle around her.  She loves to try to run me over, so she kept me at a good pace for the first half mile.  Then she stopped and put her head down. And hung her tongue out.  So I gave her some water and a little push.

image image

I asked her once if she wanted to turn around and she was determined to make it all the way around the lake.  We had some difficulty with her bike.  She would pedal, and the back wheel would move, but the bike wouldn’t.  I was afraid the chain was off, but it wasn’t.


I tried to snap a picture while I was pushing her bike and running alongside her.  And I tried to keep positive with the “Way to go!” “You are doing GREAT!” and “Come and get me!” phrases, and I kept smiling…


We did make it around.  I had a bit of an odd workout- my time was really slow for the distance, but I spent a lot of it bent over and running really fast while holding on to her bike, and then running circles around her while she was resting.


When we got done, she said “can we do that again sometime?”

She has had a really hard time riding her bike this year, and I was hoping today would encourage her to try harder.  She always asks to go ride her bike when I am making dinner and this makes me so nervous!  She is a little unsteady on her bike and I am worried she will fall off and I won’t realize it.  She knows her boundary outside, she can go to the mailbox and back (it’s about 3 houses down), but the problem is that it is a downhill path there, and uphill  back to the house.  She cannot get that bike uphill!  I taught her to get off the bike and move the pedal so that she is pushing down with her strong leg and she does that, but sometimes it doesn’t always work out.  Or she can get the pedals to go around once and then they stop again.  She has even tried to stand up on the pedals to get it to move.

I am wondering if this bike is not a good fit for her.  When she had a 12 inch bike she could really move fast!  And now that she has a 16 inch bike, she can’t move it very well. Her first bike was bought from a garage sale so it was well used.  This bike was brand new and she has to break it in.  For the sake of her learning to like a bike, I am considering a balance bike.  Have you heard of them? There are no pedals! I’ve heard great things from the friends who have purchased balance bikes.

The only balance bikes I have seen were pretty small, so I was doing some research online and found this one:

balance bike

It’s a Go Glider bike from Kids Balance Bikes and it would be just her size! I am going to see if I can find somewhere that sells them locally so she can try it out 🙂

What are your thoughts?  Do you have experience with a balance bike?


3 thoughts on “Running and Riding with my Daughter

  1. emily colletta says:

    Are the tires fully inflated? My 3 year old got a new bike and was having so much trouble getting it going that I was getting frustrated along with him. Thrn I realized tires needed air. They looked fine but once we put air in he was zooming around with no trouble. That was definitely a “duh mom” moment!! I have also heard great things about balance bikes. Wharever she has, that girl needs a basket…and maybe a horn, too! 🙂


  2. Shayne says:

    I have also heard great things about the balance bikes. My son’s physical therapist uses them as part of her therapy routines.
    But, definitely check the tires! You would be surprised at how much of a difference that makes. Especially when you said she would pedal and not move, that could cause that.


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