Lead by Example- even if it means getting soaked!

So many times during my schooling, I was told, in many different ways, to never expect something from someone that you are not willing to do yourself.  So I’ve tried to apply this in my life and always lead by example.

This philosophy caused me to be soaked last weekend!  I picked up a slip and slide at the end of summer last year for $1!  So I pulled it out when my daughter had friends coming over, thinking they would LOVE it!  I acted all excited as I got it out and then I had 3 little 4 year olds looking at me like I was crazy!

Among the 3 moms standing around, we kept trying to explain to them that they needed to run, then slide onto the slip and slide on their stomach.  We tried to show them by gesturing with our bodies and it just wasn’t working!

They were all in bathing suits.  I was fully clothed.  But I could tell that they just weren’t understanding.  So I handed the camera over to my friend and took a running start!


See the guy by the door?  In the visor?  My husband! Lol!  He told me he was about to step in and demonstrate but then he saw I had it under control.



I haven’t done a slip and slide in quite a few years, so I didn’t quite make it down the whole slide. But my daughter sure found it hilarious!


I tried to assist my daughter in her attempt to slide, lol!

2042-001 2043-001

She was happy to slide down on my back while I army crawled though!


She did get a few good slides in on her bottom.  One of her friends got really good, but my daughter was too afraid to flop onto her belly I think.  She did have fun, and we got it out again the other day.  She tried a few times and then said “Show me how it’s done Mommy!”  This time I got my bathing suit on 🙂

There are so many other ways to lead by example that don’t involve getting dirty 🙂  The way my husband and I treat our bodies is a big way to lead by example.  We are both fitness freaks- him more than me!  But she sees how we work hard for the fitness goals we have, and hopefully that shows her that it’s important to take care of yourself and work towards goals.  She has been on this funny kick lately about stretching.  When I come home from a run, she comes running out to meet me and asks me what I am doing.  I tell her I am stretching, so she sits down to stretch with me.  But lately she has been telling me she has to stretch before doing a lot of things, lol!

I was really annoyed the other day when I saw someone post about smoking in a mom’s group I am in on Facebook.  They were complaining about smokers who smoke with their kids in the car.  The complainer was a smoker too, but said that they are much better because they don’t smoke around the kids.  They smoke outside, and never in the car.  I really wanted to say a lot of things about how wrong I think they are!  Yes, smoking in a car with your kid is not a great thing, in my opinion.  But being a smoker period, is setting a bad example.  Smoke is so bad for you!  I used to have to use an inhaler as a kid, because my dad smoked. The doctor told him not to smoke around me- he ignored that.  I am pretty extreme in my thoughts about smoking (I really don’t think anyone should be allowed to smoke in any public place where other people are present- and I get REALLY annoyed when I am at the playground or another family event and people are walking around smoking!), but I also think I have a valid, logical point.  If your kids know you smoke, and see you smoke, even if it’s outside, that is you setting an example.  If they see you get really stressed and run outside for a smoke, they are learning to relieve stress with an unhealthy habit.  Will they grow up and smoke?  Maybe not.  But will they look back on their childhood when they are stressed, and think about how their parent relieved stress, and remember that it was by smoking?

What kind of example are you setting for the people around you?

I try to make sure I am leading by example in everything I do, and for everyone, not just kids.


One thought on “Lead by Example- even if it means getting soaked!

  1. Kim says:

    I try to show my boys (and others) how important fitness is. I make it a priority even if I have to get up super early to fit it in.
    So awesome that you demoed the slip-n-slide!!!


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