Running along Lake Michigan

My daughter is going to princess camp this week so I was looking forward to doing some running along Lake Michigan, without having to juggle schedules with my husband.  Plus her school is closer to the lake than my house, so it’s not as far for me to drive.  So I got dressed for running and headed to princess camp.

On the way there, I dropped my huge tumbler of water on my lap and soaked my running skirt!  That should have been a clue as to how my run would go.

Once my daughter was safe at her school, I headed down to the lake, all the while wondering if this was a good idea.  Once I got to the parking lot, I tried to use my phone to check out the radar and wasn’t having any luck.  So I messaged 2 friends and asked them to check.  They both said it did not look good.  I said “crap”.  Then I got out and started running.


I thought I heard some thunder so I tucked one of my ear buds into my shirt so I could listen better.  I was almost at a mile when I heard a huge clap of thunder and felt the first few drops.  I was in the perfect place to make a beeline for my car, so I turned and sprinted!  My arm band kept coming off while I was running so I ripped it off and held it in my hand and just ran.

The rain started coming down faster and harder, so I ran faster and harder.  When I got to my car, I looked at my phone and saw that my pace was currently at a 7:00 mile!  I’ve never run that fast before!  I usually average 9:30-10:00 miles.

See where the last turn was that I made?  From the lake, towards the finish line?  I sprinted that whole way!  Over grass, through a few puddles and up a few stairs.


And now I’m icing my ankle because that was a little much for me!  I was going to drive to the gym to finish my run, but half way there I could tell my foot was not going to allow that.  So I went home, gave myself a pedicure, and iced my foot.  Then I wrapped it in an ace bandage for the afternoon at work since I walk a lot at work and knew a little extra support would be a good idea.

Once I was settled on the couch for a little bit of peace while my daughter was still at school, I updated my Facebook status with my lessons learned today:

1. The weatherman is right 50% of the time and usually it’s when I want them to be wrong
2. I can run at a 7:00/mile pace if I need to

Have you ever been caught in the rain?  If there wasn’t such loud thunder, I would have been ok with running.  And if I had a waterproof case for my iPhone 🙂

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