Nine years ago today, I got married!

Nine years ago today, I got married!  It wasn’t a fancy wedding, but it was perfect for us!  Our original plan was to have a destination wedding in Tennessee, because we loved to camp and hike.  But our families helped us change our minds 🙂


I wasn’t one of those girls that dreamed of weddings as a kid.  I didn’t have my dress designed, or my wedding all planned out.  Truthfully, the only plan I remember as a kid was to become an environmental lawyer and save the world, one forest at a time.  All the while being single and raising kids I planned to have through donors.  I think I was 12 when I came up with that plan- right after I saw the movie Erin Brokovich.  I didn’t have a very influential father.  Well, he influenced me, but not in the way that made me want a husband like him.

Then I met my husband.  I actually had a boyfriend when I met him.  I was at orientation for college- I was transferring back home after spending one year away.  My husband was also transferring in after spending one year somewhere else.  I ended up walking behind him and his friends on the way to a lecture hall.  We were both science majors.  I sat next to them and we started talking about clubs we heard about during the orientation.  We both liked the outdoors so we joined an outdoor club together.  This was in September.

We went on the rock climbing trip with the outdoor club and had fun!  He was more involved with the group since he lived on campus.  I lived at home with my mom and had a job outside of school, so I attended things if I was free.

image image

Fast forward to May when I broke up with my current boyfriend.  And then my husband and I went on a white water rafting trip with the outdoor club.  I was the only girl.  And then he broke up with his girlfriend- he informed me later that he was only dating her to pass the time until I realized my boyfriend was lame 🙂


I looked like a drowned rat after our trip down the river!

My friend from high school was having a birthday celebration that involved dancing so I asked him to go.  And at the end of the night I told him to shut up and kiss me.  He still teases me about that to this day.

We got married in my moms backyard.  We had already moved to Florida before the wedding, so I came home a week early to prepare and he flew in a few days before the wedding to help with the rest of the plans.  It was really a simple wedding.  I had one of my bridesmaids order my flowers- I wanted daisy’s, that’s it.  Nothing specific, as long as it was daisy’s.  I made all the centerpieces and favors and my husband planted flowers and decorated my moms backyard.  Our “rehearsal dinner” was a picnic at my aunts house and it was a lot of fun!

My dress was made by my mother in law to look like one from Runaway Bride.  I watched the movie while planning the wedding and wanted the dress so bad! I couldn’t find it in the stores, so she offered to make it for me and it was perfect!



It seems crazy that 9 years have gone by!  We have had a great 9 years- yes, we’ve had ups and downs, but the bottom line is we love each other and make each other better people.

We have been on so many adventures!

White water rafting is something we have done twice and would love to do it again!

PM Blast 079

colorado image image image image

We’ve hiked, backpacked, camped and explored so many places before we had a daughter, and now we take her along on our fun adventures!colorado

I have TONS of photos of all of our adventures, but a lot of them are on film!  I was laughing when I realized that today- makes me feel old, lol!

funny family pic

Happy Anniversary to us!

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