Foggy Run Along Lake Michigan

I attempted another run along Lake Michigan this morning and the sun was shining!  It was already pretty warm out, and there was a lot of fog!


See the tiny patch of blue in the corner?  The rest is all fog!


It looks so cool when there is fog!  It was going away as I was running and I could see farther and farther out on the lake, as I ran farther and farther.


I took this picture for my mom- she LOVES seagulls!  There were so many on the beach!


I love light houses and this one is always beautiful, whether it’s sunny, foggy or raining!


My sister and I like to send each other our sweaty after pictures, so this is what I sent her today.  It sure was hot out there by the end of my run!  I had a visor on for the run, but took it off before I took the picture.  I was wearing my new visor that I ordered from the Running Princess Store- check it out!

I borrowed my husbands fuel belt for the run because I knew I would need water.  It was riding up a bit today, and it was the shirt that was the problem.  It is a different material than I usually wear.  It wasn’t that bad, I just had to readjust 3 times during the run.  I did have a problem with one of the bottles falling off a few times, but I am not used to getting them clipped back in.  His belt will work for me for now, but I think I have to get new bottles for myself.  He drinks lemon lime flavored drinks on his run and I can’t get the flavor out of the bottles.  I am NOT a fan of lemon lime.  And of course I would love if there was some pink involved 🙂

I’m planning on another lake run tomorrow.  It’s my daughters last day of Princess camp so it’s the last day I can run along the lake in the morning on a week day. I love to run there because it’s so beautiful and there are always other runners to smile at 🙂

Where is your favorite place to run?

One thought on “Foggy Run Along Lake Michigan

  1. Kimberly says:

    I run in my sleep, does that count? 😀 Really though I think once I do start running I will like even, flat surfaces. I am really good at hurting my ankles. In the belt thing, was there a place for your phone?


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