It’s a nice night for a tea party!

Today was my daughters last day of princess camp at her preschool and they had a tea party.  They encouraged dressing up- usually this means she will not cooperate.  But I talked her into a tutu and crown, and she picked out the princess shoes herself.  And she actually posed for a picture for me!  And when we got to school and I told her we were early and had to wait a few minutes, she suggested I take some pictures of her posing in her outfit!




She wanted to have a tea party tonight, so we did.  My husband and I were sitting in the princess chairs by the table and she was setting her stuff up.  She was telling us that we have to use manners at a tea party and she was trying to convince my husband to turn the chair around and sit in it the right way.  He eventually got kicked out of the tea party!

We had some fun conversations at the tea party, here is part of my favorite one:

Me: I don’t want tea, I want coffee

Husband: She can’t have coffee, it’s a tea party

AB: She can have coffee because she wants coffee

Me: (looking at husband) BOOM

I really don’t know where she gets her sarcasm and quick wit from 🙂

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