This Mom’s about to get DIRTY!

I have a little girl, so that means everything should be clean and pink, right?  Wrong!  My girl LOVES to get dirty!  So, I will be too, in the Dirty Girl 5K  in Chicago with my friend Natalie.  She started the Moms RUN  This Town (MRTT) chapter in our town and we were given entries into the race because of our association with the chapter.

This isn’t a typical race- it’s not timed, and there are obstacles.  So I won’t be running, but I’m sure I will be super sore afterwards because I have not been cross training (bad runner!).  There are 12 obstacles, and a LOT of mud! And climbing and crawling and treading through mud!

Of course, because I typed this about her liking mud, today she hated it!  We went strawberry picking and she was not happy with the muddy conditions!


She was cold and water got into her boots so she was not happy!


I’m so glad I have rain boots!  The strawberries are worth it!

I will post before and after pictures from the Dirty Girl soon!

Have you done a Dirty Girl run before?

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